Switzerland: 3-Day Divine Principle Workshop


By Chantal Chételat Komagata, FFWPU Switzerland

The end of December is the best period to reflect on the past and make new goals for the New Year. We thus organized a 3-day “Divine Principle and the way to happiness” bilingual French-German workshop from December 27 to 29, 2017 in Biel-Bienne. Each 1 ¾ hour period was divided into 3 parts: a ¾ h lecture summarizing 2 or 3 chapters of Divine Principle followed by a ¾ hour discussion in groups, ¼ hour questions- answer session and a ½ hour break.

Among the 20 people who participated, we found Christians, Muslims, Sufis, Alevis and Unificationists from 17 to 71 coming from the different continents. Thus, the presentations were illustrated with Words from different scriptures, showing the universality of Divine Principle. Some were able to stay throughout the workshop, others only a few sessions and some who were totally new discovered with astonishment contents that could be applied to their everyday life. For the 2nd generation Unificationists, it became an opportunity to reflect on dogmas and beliefs, deepen their understanding about Jesus’ heart and (re)discover how his mission was completed by the 2nd coming of Christ and the only begotten daughter and in what way each of them has the responsibility to support to invest themselves 100%. The discussions clarified the theory and all the participants were able to take advantage of one another’s feedback, viewpoints and understanding. We concluded the workshop with some well-made videos on True Father’s autobiography and Cheongseong as well as on the 4th anniversary of Foundation Day that could illustrate the incredible work True Father did and True Mother is completing powerfully.

New perspectives and plans for the year 2018 comprise regular meetings and projects of CARP, expanding the network of Ambassadors for Peace, True Family values and Blessing events, regular workshops and Bible study groups for pastors.

As everyone in the Komagata Family was involved in teaching, simultaneous translation, preparation of meals and breaks or leading discussion groups and taking care of guests, this workshop was also a great opportunity for the family to pursue its efforts towards growing a heart of living for the sake of others and the realization of its tribal messiah mission supporting the fulfillment of Vision 2020.


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