Sweden: Winter Workshop



By Jan-Peter Oestberg, FFWPU Sweden

The traditional Swedish Winter Workshop for young people took place from December 28th to January 2nd, 2018, in beautiful Kloten in the Winter Wonderland of Sweden.

This time 37 young people from different European countries, most of course from the Nordic countries, participated including 3 “parental figures”, one mother from Finland and two fathers from Sweden, who gave testimonies and reflected over the past year, especially over #Metoo, which really is the restoration of the spiritual fall mentioned in Genesis.

The lecturers were Patric & Yebina Hanna from England and they gave an inspiring content over the topic of Faith; how to develop and apply it to daily life. They also touched upon the shortcomings on religious life not centering on a parental heart.

Apart from lectures and mealtimes the focus was on sports and other challenging activities, discussions and sharings. Reflections from the participants were indeed very positive, with even a few saying: best workshop ever!

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