Spain: Goodbye 2017!


By Carlos Badosa, Francesca Stabile, Rubén Cabero, Stefan Campillo, FFWPU Spain

Just as it is important to spend time together with our own families, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to gather as a national community for the end of this year; a moment traditionally in our culture held for moments of joy, change, renewal and goodwill.

On December 31st, 130 people of the Spanish family gathered for a whole- day program, organized entirely by second-generation staff with the great support of many elders, in the congress centre of Fray Luis de Leon, located in the mountain area of Guadarrama, near Madrid; in order to celebrate our presence together, create communal bonds, have fun, share our stories, eat, and catch up with those we haven’t seen in a while; just as any family would naturally do.

In the morning program, six people young and old, first and second generation, man and women, from all over the world -Spanish, Ecuadorian, Bulgarian, Korean-, from different backgrounds and positions, had 10 minutes each to talk openly about their most important moments and experiences this year, in order to create a space for reflecting on the upcoming year and remember what is most important. After the talks, the whole group split into smaller groups of 7-9 people, mixing people of all ages, to share their most significant events this year, and to think about what they would like to invest their time next year.

To finish the morning, we asked everyone to share anonymously and written in paper their best wishes and blessing; one for themselves and their families, and one for our national community. We read some of the as a closing moment for the day.

In the afternoon, we had our traditional entertainment with dancing, music, and theater performances. We had cash prizes for the most-voted performances chosen by the audience at the end of the afternoon; and we raffled a spanish ham leg among the participants.

This day reminded us that, despite the work it takes to organize big events, there is a big power in gathering together, because it is the gift True Parents gave us: to feel that, despite we are all different in character, age, ideological dispositions, we all belong to the same family.

We want to thank every single person that took the time to share those moments with us.

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