Portugal: To Be A Good Example in Our Daily Life

by Sérgio Neto, FFWPU Portugal

From December 28th to 30th 2017, the Portuguese HARP and CARP had the end of the year meeting and workshop, reflecting on what we could have done better and what we intend to achieve and accomplish in 2018.

This workshop also was a chance to meet with people that we missed, all those who live faraway and we do not see them every Sunday, and encourage them to contribute more.

The theme of this last workshop of the year 2017 was “Be a good example”. We discussed about our activities and our deep desire to bring greater results in line with True Mother’s desire and instruction. To fulfill our responsibility, it is very importance for each of us to become a good example and to take pride in knowing True Parents and be part of this worldwide family.

To be better in the year 2018 was the determination with which each one left by the end of year 2017.

We wish a Happy New Year to all of you from Portugal Family.

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  1. Malta says:

    Sincere Compliments. May Havenly Parent and True Mother keep blessing us
    AJU 💌

    Noel Farrugia UPF Ambassador for Peace

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