Paraguay: Recyclable Materials Project


Prepared by CARP Paraguay

We organized a project who consisted in giving a new value to “old” products that society doesn’t use any more. In an era when people just consume product continuously without thinking about their values. This time we decided to give those products a new value to remind ourselves and our society that in the end we are the one who give value to the creation and if we love and treat creation well we will be able to build a better world.

One of the main goal of the project was to work together as a family, as a team, CARP members, and CARP guests. Through event we could become one and to not just to give value to some product but at same time to promote CARP values and transmit it to our society.

The project included three phases. The first phase: all members (even though they were busy with their final exams) invest their time and worked as one in teams to collect materials and create the new product during two weeks. Those two weeks characterized by enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and teamwork. When the result finalized, on the evening of 16 December 2017 in Costa Nera. We went to the most populated place in Asuncion, Paraguay to sell our products and to promote CARP, witness young generation and inviting everyone who was interested to join our activity.

We felt that people received our message very well, not just bought our product but giving their contact information and expressing their desire to participate in such activities. The old generations expressed gratitude for our work, saying it seems that our young people are not just talking about values but applying those in their lives. That was what we are trying to show, making a great example in society.

For the final stage of the project we came back to our center on December 23, 2017. During the closing ceremony CARP leader Entela Mustafaj (who is a cadet from SunHak University) gave a message. This was continued by some short reflections from new guests for their experience in CARP. Later we joined games and watching a movie. This 5 hours program was not just entertainment, but education to remind all of us about our mission in this age. We should know how much is important to work all together in realizing Heavenly Parent and True parents’ dream.

Dear True Parent we want to thank you for all your support and love. Thank you that you still are working hard for making a better world for us. Wishing you a great new year as we promise you that we will devote ourselves to for becoming great leaders of the future and transmitting your message to every single person in our Nation and in the world. Thank you very much and we truly love you.

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