Malaysia: Asia Leadership and Cultural Exchange Program

Prepared by CARP Malaysia

On January 14 to 27, 2018, CARP Malaysia hosted and welcomed Sun Moon University students by organizing Asia Leadership and Cultural Exchange program.  The students spent their first week in Negeri Sembilan by conducting service project (cleaning & mural painting) at community hall and primary school of Village Jawa. The students also experienced 2-day homestay at local parents home. In conjuction with that, FFWPU Malaysia organized a Peace Blessing Festival in the village with 100 villagers attended and 20 couples received blessing.

Also, Sun Moon University students conducted educational program at Chan Wa high school, teaching local students korean, korean traditional mask, yut game, origami, taekwando and painting ecobag.

Second week, students had religious pilgrimage tour to several religious sites at Kuala Lumpur such as Mosque, Hindu Temple, Buddist Temple & Gurdwara. Students had learnt the main teachings from different religions and realized True Parents’ will to unite all the religions to achieve world peace.

On January 22 & 23, there was a 2-day Cultural Exchange Program at University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), every student also experienced witnessing in the campus. On January 24, there was a Peace Loving Youth Assembly (PLYA) successfully conducted at UTAR with over 200 participants joined. Rev. Yutaka Yamada as UPF oversea director delivered congratulatory remarks and Mr. Sudesh, acting president of UPF as the speaker to speak about “Heart Leadership”. The event was closed by the performances from Sun Moon University students.

Through this trip, all the students are so inspired by True Parent’s vision and foundation in other country, they are so moved and felt Heavenly Parent’s love through witnessing and other interactive program with Malaysia’s 2nd gen and CARP members. The visit of Sun Moon University students in Malaysia had created a very good witnessing environment, all of us have many realizations and determined to move forward to fulfill True Parent’s dream and Vision 2020.

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