Italy: Presentation of A Book


Prepared by UPF Italy

Over 70 participants at the Donizetti Hotel for the unique presentation of the book by the lawyer writer Dr. Alessandro Bozzi at the beginning of his first novel “La libertà danza tra gli ulivi”. Franco Ravaglioli, secretary general of UPF Italy presented it with simplicity saying that he met him virtually on FaceBook and then personally concluding their friendship on this occasion.

The extraordinary multimedia power brought them together to realize a project that led the author to be known to the Bergamo public thanks to the collaboration of three associations that organized the event (UPF – WFWP and FFWPU).

Andrea Carta, psychologist and psychotherapist has masterfully conducted an interview with the author who, in this form, has transmitted to the public the motivations that led him to literary writing. The plot leads us to reflect on topical issues such as violence towards women and the much-discussed punitive and almost never re-educational prison system, topics that were presented and discussed in the room in an exchange of views with the audience.

Alessandro Bozzi also wanted in this book to focus on the role of advocacy, often misinterpreted, but very difficult for those who do it with competence and professional ethics. The writer eventually performed with the dancer Monica Ballabio in a frenetic “pizzica”, a typical Salento dance that conveys joy and a sense of freedom.

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