Italy: International Day of Tolerance

Co-sponsorship among Christian Institute of Art and Sport, UPF Italy and San Marino, WFWP Italy and VOCI DI PACE


By Maria Gabriella Mieli, WFWP Italy

Thanks to the precious investment made by Giorgio Gasperoni in San Marino through the UPF magazine “Voices of Peace” and the connected blog, the president of a Christian Association of sport contacted UPF Italy on last April in order to organize together sport events and conferences for peace. On that occasion Carlo Zonato and Giorgio Gasperoni went to Sicily, in south Italy, met members of the local institutions and the advisory board of CIAS (Christian Institute of Art and Sport) sharing similar values and goals and analyzed the possibility of a common agreement. On that basis UPF Italy invited Vincenzo Lipari in Rome on the International Day of Families at the Chamber of Deputies for our UPF and WFWP joint event. On that basis we organized a follow-up meeting in our Peace Embassy in Rome to affirm our partnership and work together in Sicily on the topic of sport and peace through conferences, events and competitions.

On last November 16th, International Day for Tolerance we co-sponsored a public event under the project “Seeds of Peace” at the high school ITC Calderone in Carini, Sicily, not so far from Palermo. Through this celebration students, teachers, VIPs, religious representatives, members of different associations, immigrants, youth’s refugees and local authorities met together speaking about human rights, cohesion and peace to avoid hate and discrimination. During the event, the audience could appreciate an exhibition of a gospel choir, spiritual reflections by a Franciscan monk and an evangelic minister.

Carlo Zonato (Italian UPF President) gave a meaningful presentation of UPF mission, vision and core values, while Giorgio Gasperoni (San Marino UPF President and editor of Voices of Peace) spoke about the project “Football for Peace”, a practical case history involving children and youths from Israel and Palestine, how and when it started and its evolution with the precious support of the institutions in San Marino and Italy, together with local youths and their families. Giorgio Gasperoni and Carlo Zonato spoke about the magazine “Voices of Peace” celebrating its 10th anniversary, a useful instrument for our network of Ambassadors for Peace in which are reported facts on good governance, education, human rights and activities of local, national and international organizations.

Maria Gabriella Mieli, Italian WFWP Vice-President and PR UPF Italy, explained to the audience the history and meaning of the UN International Day of Tolerance, the vision and mission of WFWP, the difference between tolerance and respect, concluding with the explanation of the Peace Road project, preparing everybody to organize a Peace Road march for next year, for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luter King’s death.

All the speakers were interviewed by a local tv broadcast. The local organizers then offered a nameplate of appreciation and a dinner party to celebrate the success of the event.

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