Italy: HARP Winter Workshop

By Daniela Cali, FFWPU Italy

From the 27th of December to the 2nd of January, at Colle Mattia’s location, the winter HARP

Workshop for 2nd Generation in High School age was held. The Motto was “Immense as an Ocean, Unique as a Drop”. The meaning of the motto is here explained: every person is unique in itself and different from everybody else in its talents; we can acknowledge our uniqueness but find, at the same time, something in common with others. The motto was linked to the concept of God, seen as an immense entity, but also experienced in personal manner by each person. Furthermore, we wanted the participants to reflect on how each of them is a universe of its own, which embodies the characteristics of God.

This year, the lectures have all been given by 2nd Generation members and have been structured so that half of it was oriented on theoretical explanation based on Divine Principle, while the following half was about practical advices and life experience.

We have been dealing with various topics: the relationship with God, the Spirit World, the Cain-Abel relationship, the Fall and purity. One innovative feature of the workshop was that the content of a lecture had been delivered by a guest, Virginia Vandini, a WFWP ambassador of peace, counselor and president of the association “The value of femininity”. Her lecture was focused on how to develop and grow self-esteem in the difficult adolescence.

During the workshop there have been numerous moments of reflection and sharing, in which the participants had the chance to open up and understand each other. Among the most profound moments there have been the purity discussion, held separately among brothers and sisters, the prayer evening, an activity based on reciprocal appreciation and the “Line Game”, which gives the chance to open up to others, be vulnerable, but also understand that we are not alone in the difficulties we meet in our lives.

A special activity was held in a park close by the workshop place: The Challenge Day. It was marked by reflection and awareness, so that the majority of physical challenges were accompanied by internal aspects.

Example of this has been an activity in which each member of the team had to choose a difficulty to overcome in their life, write it on a sheet of paper and hand it to another person of the team. Afterwards, the participant had to take the sheet back, while the other members were trying to obstruct him/her. This represented the difficulties to be faced in order to overcome yourself.

The workshop finale was the Family Evening, in which every team could express itself and individual performances could be exhibited.

Through this workshop, every participant could learn something about him/herself, gain confidence and develop friendships and personal relationships.

Our plea as HARP committee is to give the 2nd Generation the chance to participate in this kind of experiences as much as possible, because we consider them valuable for their personal grow and faith. We hope to see more and more youth taking part in these workshops.

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