Italy: Cosmic Interreligious Blessing for Peace


By Sergio Coscia, FFWPU Italy

The first Cosmic and Interreligious Blessing Ceremony of 2018 was held in Torino on January 21, 2018, as part of the Family and True Love Festival that is taking place in several cities all over the nation. The best way to express the feeling in this special moment is that joy was deeply felt, and our Heavenly Parent’s spirit touched everybody. The Blessing Ceremony was touching, the newly-blessed couples and the guests from the audience testified that they truly felt the spirit of God.

Ignazio Cabras, from the national FFWPU, delivered a speech explaining the value of the Cosmic Blessing and expressing gratitude to our True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon, for their constant investment for Peace. The Festival was a real festive moment: a young, professional singer performed a song written by one of UPF Ambassadors for Peace, who was also present, and everybody enjoyed music and dance, and a delicious buffet that was catered thanks to all attending families and guests who spent a wonderful day together, truly one big family.

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