Hungary: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Seminar and Blessing

Opening Ceremony of HTM Center

At 17th of December, Gyömrő Town, 40 Km distance from Budapest, the house of Attila and Leonita Zahora was recognized as Heavenly Tribal Messiah Center. The Zahora Family lives there for several years and doing witnessing outreach. This time together with the Opening Ceremony they could also offer three couples who got the blessing. As part of the whole day program the quests could hear about the Providence of God, including His ideal, the Fall, Mission of Jesus and the meaning of Cross Cultural Marriage Blessings. After that the National Leader couple officiated the Blessing Ceremony. Afternoon there was a banquet to celebrate the newly blessed couples and because of close Christmas we all offered little surprises to each other.

Other Heavenly Tribal Messiah Events

  • 16th of December in Öttevény it is a small village 10 Km distance from Győr City, the hometown of Tibor and Tímea Jaksics. Mrs. Tímea Jaksics decided to reach out the people living there and introduce the Family Federation, the True Parents and the Blessing Ceremony by public lecturing. The lecture itself was done by our National Leader. Tímea would like to prepare through this lecture a blessing Ceremony at spring time. The mayor of town hearing about Tímea initiative he offered a Hall in the Cultural House for free. The Community members from Győr Church came to support the event as well.
  • Mr. Laszlo Jager on the same day, 16th of December, in Győr he invited his quests and pupils for 1 day WS in the light of Christmas help them to prepare and understand more deeply the meaning of Jesus’ mission and death on the Cross. Laszlo was teaching them by using True Parents words from CSG and from early year speeches just as “Jesus and the Christmas”. Laszlo also got a classroom for free in the language school where he is teaching.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gyorgy and Criselda Kozma in Debrecen City also wanted to use the opportunity of Christmas, that’s why they came together with their friends. Beside of the joyful time and playing games for couples where they could “test” their unity and how much they know each other, the couples also got the autobiography of True Father. Gyorgy and Criselda are preparing those couples for the March blessing event in Debrecen City.
  • The Zahora Family (blessed Filipino-Hungarian couple) at 9th of December in Budapest, Benczur Hotel was helping to organize a Christmas Party for the Filipino-Hungarian couples living in Hungary. Attila and Leonita distributed the autobiography of True Father for the people there.

Cultural Programs

In Győr Church Center Mrs. Ibolya Gorzó organized a cultural evening. One of our elder sister living in Győr Mrs. Zsoka Farago offered a piano to church community. And this opportunity gave the idea to invite professional musicians and guests. Our brother Mr. Laszlo Takacs gave presentation about the importance of arts, and music based on the words of True Parents.  After the lecture and musical performances light dinner was offered and of course True Father autobiography as well to all guests.

In the Peace Embassy, the Budapest Church Community organized a Japanese evening. The brothers and sisters divided the responsibilities and tasks. Two Japanese sisters gave overview presentation about the Japanese culture and the country itself also offering a Japanese folksong. One brother who practices martial arts offered a little performance and other brother spoke about the natural healing. After that the Japanese sisters prepared a nice and very delicious food together with few Hungarian sisters. The guests and the members were very happy and uplifted by the program and being together. Especially it was nice to see that some second generations could bring their classmates to the event and through the street witnessing also new guests could come.

Serving the people

  • 25th of December representing our Church the National Leader Couple and their daughter together with other religious groups and volunteers were helping the Krishna Community to distribute hot meal and food packages for homeless people and families who are in need. 1600 portion of hot meal and 1500 food packages were give out. Beside of our volunteering work our Church could offer financial support as well for this needed project.
  • In Pécs Community in the name of IRFF the members visited a Mother-child home and by the beforehand prepared presents and Christmas songs they wanted to express little comfort and love to those who are living there.
  • In Szeged and Kaposvar Communities as well, parents and children together prepared gifts and visited the people in their area and in Old People Home where they distributed the packages.
  • Mr. Ferenc Bajor continues to offer Aids and Drog prevention lectures in the High Schools, Budapest in the name of HU-FFWPU.

Taking care of the Blessed Children

16th of December the HU-HARP organized a HARP day in Gyor. The children received a lecture from our elder brother Mr. Laszlo Takacs focusing on Jesus’s life. The lecture was covering the Mission of Jesus and by the expanded explanation based on the words and speeches of True Parents. Afterwards the children were discussing among each other the lecture content and they stayed together a while for enjoying each other company.

The Budapest Community organized a purity seminar for children. The 1 day seminar itself took place at 30th of December in the Peace Embassy. 12 children attended the seminar, offered the purity pledge in the end and got the purity ring as well this time. Four parents were lecturing and guiding the children through the content of the purity materials.

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