Ghana: Educating Our People about True Parents Teaching


by Marthe Whyte, FFWPU Ghana

The last week of December,2017 was marked with few activities in Accra:

  • On December 26th and 29th, 2017, there was Divine Principle workshop and also prayer session at the Dome Abra Centre. We had participants for those meetings.
  • On December 26th and 27th 2017, we had a 2-day Divine Principle workshop for three guests at the Ofankor Training Centre in Accra.
  • Then from December 29th to 30th, FFWPU tribal Messiah team was invited to educate members of the 70 Disciples Church in Chorchor, a suburb of Accra. 75 people received education about True Parents teaching and 15 couples including the founder of the church, Bishop Annoh and his wife received blessing of marriage from True Parents. (see pictures)
  • On December 30,2017 Women’s Federation was invited to give a talk at the youth gathering at Sportem , ofankor in Accra. Although the audience was made of young children, there were adolescents and adults gathered at the function as well. The Member of parliament of the area and the Assembly women were present. About five hundred people listened to the character education given by the WFWP Ghana.
  • On December 31,2017 the national headquarters organized the Sunday service at Mile 7 Centre. 52 members attended the service. The sermon was delivered by the national leader, Pastor James Aidoo. His sermon was entitled Where to meet the Messiah? He referred to Chambomo Gyeong and explained many secrets related to True fathers and Jesus births. Also, the children had their Sunday school and fourteen of them attended. They were taught by mamans Viviane and Agathe. After the service, the youth had two events. First of all, the younger children of Sunday school offered poem recitals to the congregation. Their Sunday school teachers also organized an end of year party for them. All the children received candies, snacks and packed food. They really enjoyed themselves.
  • Second, it was the finals for the Divine Principle Teaching competition. Out of the seven youths who began the competition on the 3rd of December,2017; four of them made it to the final stage. The panel of four judges, chose William Tackyi as winner, Jomin Mesere Nyame and Isis Christelle were second and third. They were rewarded for their efforts in memorizing the Divine Principle. Our National leader also acknowledged the effort of all other participants who did not make it to the finals.
  • There was Sunday service in other centers such as Dome Abra in Accra and also Elubo.

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