Germany: Street Mission Hannover


By Uli Ganz, FFWPU Germany

On December 9, 2017, a small group from Hannover, inspired by Dieter Schuler and Ulli Ganz, braved the sleet and cold winds to go out into the streets to make a statement to the citizens of Hannover in their city center. This statement drew attention to the five principles of peace. Since most people however ‘already were at peace’ and the weather did not exactly encourage lingering, we were able to only engage in a few, but nevertheless, valuable conversations. We all had good experiences.

Repeatedly, we were surprised by the fact that such impressive encounters are possible and how important it is to be well prepared and to have explanatory reading material on hand.

Afterwards we all went to the cosy restaurant to have a snack and then read from Oivind’s brochures. This HDH was the base for interesting conversations through which we were able to learn about yet unknown aspects of our members.

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