Ecuador: Inauguration of IAPP


Prepared by UPF Ecuador

The inauguration ceremony of the International Association of Parliamentary for Peace (IAPP) Chapter-Ecuador was held on December 19, 2017, at the Swissótel in the city of Quito together with

more than 60 persons includes fourteen Actual Assemblymen (from 8 political parties), four Former Assemblymen, religious leaders, social leaders and Peace Ambassadors.

Dr. Fausto Segovia Baus, ex-Ministry of Education, an actual Director of UPF-Ecuador gave an opening address as Master of Ceremonies.

Following the National Anthem singing, Hon. Raúl Auquilla, an actual Assemblyman gave an address of welcome. He explained the purpose of IAPP that focuses to achieve the World Peace beyond all kind of distinctions, such as politic ideology, race, gender, and other situation of society. Furthermore, he expressed the importance of using internal peace of each member of this Association to project Universal Peace. “Internal Peace allows us to make friendly relationship with the environment, to be transparent, to love all human being without any kind of distinction, and to enjoy in our families. In conclusion, we will be able to have achievement of Universal Peace only in this way. I believe in your great decision to support this organization to make the Universal Peace.”

Dong Mo Shin, President of UPF South America introduced about the purpose of the establishment of the IAPP, the process of development, the roles, objects and activities of UPF worldwide, motivating all participants to be militant for Peace.

After the presentation of introducing Video of IAPP, Dr. Eduardo Villarreal, Actual President of UPF-Ecuador addressed about the Peace Principle of UPF. Specially, he mentioned the situation of the world using the data by the UN. “While poverty, ignorance, racism, destruction of families, separation of human being, etc. exist in this world, we cannot reach World Peace.” Moreover, he mentioned that “UPF-Ecuador has been working to seek persons for form Peace Ambassadors based on Universal Philosophy for Peace, which is one of legacies of UPF Founder, Dr. Rev. SunMyung Moon, who has showed his quality of human being throughout his tireless work on path of peace in all aspects of life. Nobody can give what one does not have. Today you, as Peace Ambassadors, have an opportunity to take your wise decision to make better world. Welcome.”

Sang Seuk Kim, Regional President of FFPUM gave a speech powerfully about the history of initiative of the International Association of Parliamentary for Peace including development of IAPP in Caribe and Central America, and South America.

Following the beautiful songs for peace by a singer, Paora Aranda, the Appointment Ceremony of Peace Ambassadors was held. Thirteen Assemblymen who participated in this Inauguration received diploma of Ambassador for Peace and signed the Declaration of IAPP. Furthermore, each of them expressed own determination to support this organization, IAPP Chapter-Ecuador.

All participants were very glad to take a part of this new organization for Peace: International Association of Parliamentary for Peace.

UPF-Ecuador thanks to all participants, supporters, voluntaries and Peace Ambassadors who took decision to be militants for Peace.

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