DR Congo: The National Peace Council – Inaugural Session


By Mike Samuel Makenda, UPF DR Congo

After the success of the very first African Summit held in Dakar, Senegal, the National Peace Council, organ of universal peace fédération in the Democratic Republic of Congo, organized its inaugural session at the SULTANI hotel on January 26, 2018. Several VIPs at the highest level in the country, ambassadors for peace, parliamentarians, traditional chiefs, religious, journalists and young people enhanced the inaugural ceremony with their presence.

We also noted the presence of UN agencies, such as the World Health Organization, Unesco and Search for Common grounds. In total we mobilized the 70 members of the national peace council and more than 80 personalities invited from the various sectors of public life. Among the nominees we can mention the Minister of Youth and initiation to the new citizenship, we had 7 candidates become ambassadors for peace.

The National Peace Council was launched on September 30, 2017. It also had the restitution of the Dakar summit and the video was projected to the satisfaction of all. In the perspective of the restoration of our nation; the national peace council offers many possibilities to reach the authorities in the highest sphere of the country.

The seeds sown in Senegal will produce new fruits in each nation; the example of Senegal inspired us a lot, which motivated us to invite a great political figure who is able to directly contact the head of state, his name is Honrable Evariste BOSHAB. Former Director of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic, Vice Honorary Prime Minister of home affairs and a great professor of Constitutional Law in several Universities.

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