Dominican Republic: Inauguration of Training Center in Bonao Farm and 7th Annual Assembly

by Leonidas Belliard, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On January 7, 2018, with the presence of about 200 participants, the first Sunday of the Year 2018 was held. Members gathered from all over the country for the annual assembly and Inauguration of Training & Education Center in farm in Piedra Blanca.

After three years collecting donations from members and doing making conditions of devotion, True Parents blessed us with donors from several sources, so we could complete the three main buildings:

  1. Conference Hall
  2. Men’s Dormitory for 40 people
  3. Ladies’ Dormitory for 40 people

All of them with the basic equipment such as chairs, beds and other accessories. Despite expectations for heavy rain, we had a good weather and many members brought meals and gathered with joy.

The mayor and wife of Piedra Blanca jointed the event as well, and residents of the area were also invited for this special Inauguration.

Mr. Felipe Castillo and Miss. Ruth Javier served as MC. CARP members and CIG missionaries sang beautiful songs. This was followed by a greeting message by National Leader, Mr. Leonidas Belliard.

Rev. Dae Hee Hong, Special envoy, gave the main speech. The content of the sermon was about peter’s faith and attitude. He said we must also make a heart-to-heart communication with God so that we understand our current sinful situation and at the same time  understand the heart of parents when we are in front of God. It was a very touching story and explaination.

Thereafter, there was an introduction of Mayor Piedra Blanca, by Mr. Francisco Antonio Contreras, who gave a congratulatory speech with deep sincere heart welcoming the fact that the training center which is to bringing peace and harmony, was build in this area. He was very emotional giving s tearful message. He expressed his great spiritual satisfaction to see the great effort we are doing to favor residents around his area.

To honor the effort of donors, three “Award of Gratitude” were given by Rev. Hong and National Leader on behalf of all Dominican members: these three donors, who did the biggest donations, were chosen as representatives of others donors too as follow:

  1. Mrs. Kayo Mori for Ladies’ dormitory
  2. Mr. Takashi Takenaka for Men’s dormitory
  3. Mr. Jose David Nolasco for Conference Hall

After that, Mr. Nolasco gave a gratitude words on behalf of donors. Next, the national leader gave  a video presentation of the history of the farm and buildings, which followed by a report of the progress of building until now.

During the video presentation, we could see how much members endured to build this training center with great gratitude toward True Parents. After that, Rev. Dae Hee Hong, Special Envoy offered a grateful prayer and cut the ribbon of inauguration together with our special guests.

After the Ribbon Cutting ceremony, Rev. Kono, Japanese national messiah, gave the three cheers of ok-mansei and everybody was invite to enjoy a nice meal with fried fish called “Tilapia” that is being cultivated in this area for lunch. After lunch, entertainment of dancing from second gen were show. At the end of the assembly we had Yut Game and all the participants were excited and enjoyed the game.

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