December 2017 in Albania

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

  • From December 7th – 10th we organized a Divine Principle seminar for key Ambassadors for Peace. 43 Ambassadors for Peace attended and the seminar took place in Montenegro. The goal is to prepare them to receive Blessing also.
  • On December 9th the WFWP Albania held an event to celebrate together with about 40 active members of WFWP who contributed during the year 2017 and supported its activities.
  • On December 17th the Family Festival and Blessing Ceremony took place in Tirana International Hotel. Around 200 people attended the event and 25 couples received the Blessing. Rev. Shin was the officiator.
  • From December 22nd – 24th, a workshop for core members and leaders took place at the FFWPU Training Center in Tirana. Around 60 members attended and Rev. Shin leaders taught about True Parents words.
  • On December 23rd, the First meeting of newly elected Presiding Council of UPF took place at the Peace Embassy. The plan for 2018 was decided. UPF will support Heavenly Tribal messiah providence and appointing new AFPs…
  • On December 23rd around 80 Ambassadors for Peace gathered together to celebrate end of the year holidays and achievement of the year 2017. Several national level VIPs were appointed as Ambassador for Peace.
  • On December24th at the end of core members’ workshop, we held the ceremony for the leadership change of Shkodra Community. Mr. Ardys Sheqi led Shkodra center together with his wife Enrida for almost 3 years. From now on a new leader will lead the activities in Shkodra, Ms. Dajana Doce 25 years old, blessed in 2017.
  • On December 27th Women Federation for World Peace Albania donated 40 new chairs to a public kindergarten in Tirana, thus establishing good relationship with Education Department of Tirana.
  • From December 24th – 30th Albanian CARP members did FR activities in most of our centers to support people in need for the end of the year festivities. Over 20 poor families received packages with food and other supplies for the New Year celebrations.

We look towards 2018 with great hopes and determination to bring greater results to Heavenly Parent and True Parents and lay the foundation for national restoration as we approach 2020!

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