Peru: Character Education at Schools


by Luz Mejia, WFWP Peru

I started with a visit to the representative of the local government and we discussed the situation in Moro and its surroundings; there are many problems in the community; family violence, abandonment of home, adultery, machismo, and much ignorance. It is very difficult for people to know what to do, even for the governor it is also very difficult.

Originally my plan was to give Pure Love lectures to 70 children but the governor asked me to do more than 100. I was giving presents for Xmas to the children so I had to search for more and I managed to collect more than a hundred gifts, even my grandson donated toys he does not use.

My message was the same as always: character education and pure love and in all three places there were mothers and fathers of families.

I managed to lecture in two schools and make one session with gifts in a poor district: – chocolatda.

The most impressive thing to me is that the group that went with us gave testimony that they had learned several things from my talks, one has said that he liked my words for his life and wants to learn more to better educate his son.

This work of December has been very deep and full of social and spiritual work and I have made a lot of desire.

The final number of students was approximately 600, also around 20parents attended.  I also gave advice to 3 special cases:

  • a 4th grade secondary school student who went to live with her boyfriend and had problems with her mother.
  • about a father who would not support his fifth-grade daughter. And he has harassed his teacher.
  • child of 3rd grade that his father did not support him at all and knew nothing about his studies and had a problem of abandonment.

During the talks the students listened attentively some smiled others hid their heads but most of them participated and they like it a lot.

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