Canada: Winter Divine Principle Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Canada

2017 ended with a bang at the Toronto Family Church! Youth, highteens and young adults participated in the annual Winter Divine Principle Workshop, Toronto Edition. About 30 from as far as Winnipeg partook in this 5 Day Workshop. Dr. Michael Hentrich, who used to be a lecturer in Cheong Pyeong as the special guest lecturer, blew all the participants away with his unique and unconventional lecturing style. During the 4 full days of lectures, participants were able to open up and take in information in a way they were not able to before. Discussions were lively and productive, deep questions were asked, and strong bonds were established. Participants were sad to see Dr. Michael Hentrich leave after the last lecture.

On the final day, participants ventured into the great Canadian outdoors in -20 °C weather to experience God`s beautiful creation at Arrowhead Provincial Park: Snowshoeing alongside a half-frozen lake, surrounded by snow covered trees and skating through a frozen ice path through the forest. The participants left this workshop, tired and exhausted, but with a higher understanding, knowledge and wanting more. Read More

Vancouver church held second generation winter workshop at Burnaby house instead of Stave Lake Lodge due to the weather condition. Akifumi Yuzawa gave lectures on the Divine Principle and True Parents’ course, Rev. Kambashi gave a lecture on life and faith, Mrs. Kambashi shared the importance of having one’s vision and goal setting. HIrotoshi Yuzawa was MC and prepared all goup activities. During the workshop they visited Holy ground at Burnaby mountain and Burnaby Village Museum, and also enjoyed bowling together.  Special thanks to all moms who offered food and prepared meals during workshop.

Edmonton community had 2nd gen 2-day workshop. The theme of this workshop was “Creating and Living the Life You Love”. The focus was on our portion of responsibility and the importance and the process of creating healthy habits. This point was made not only through the lecture but through various activities like HDH, reflection and sharing with each other about our recent experiences. The hope was that they could leave knowing that our Heavenly Parent was guiding them in their growth and encouraging them to co-create a beautiful life with Him. Overall the second gen were able to become closer through this workshop and be inspired to move forward.

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