Brazil: Special Meeting of State Pastors and Missionaries


Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

Between December 11 and 17, 2017, a General Meeting took place with the members of the National Board, Leaders of providential organizations, State Pastors and Missionaries of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. That meeting took place at New Hope Farm in Jardim-MS, was also attended by the Regional President of Latin America, Rev. Kim Sang Suek.

The meeting unfolded under the leadership of President Koichi Sasaki in a mood of prayer, sacred songs and Jeongseong. Lectures on the Divine Principle, on strategies for victory in the activities of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah, and on the activities of Home Group and Oikos were shared by all.

During this seminar, President Koichi spoke about the importance of the activities that were carried out in 2017, about Brazil’s position as a strategic nation and how the determination of all leaders should be renewed in order to reach the expectations that the True Mother has in relation to our nation.

Also several leaders have had the opportunity to report on their activities by updating all present on the current status of their mission, challenges and plans for the coming year 2018.

Strategies were discussed to have victory in the mobilization of 100 thousand people until half of the year of 2018. Strategies were discussed to win the mobilization of 100,000 people by the middle of 2018. Thus, all the leaders were urged to devote their energies and strength to achieve victory in the activities of the heavenly Tribal Messiah and Vision 2020!

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