Brazil: HJ CARP National Convention


Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

From January 8th to 15th of 2018, the third “HJ CARP National Convention” was held in the Seminário Central (Central Workshop Center) in the State of São Paulo. 70 University Students from all over the nation participated in this Convention.

During 8 days, the participants received Divine Principle Education, True Parents’ Life Course Lectures and internal guidance.

Besides those educational sessions, there were group activities, recreation games, sports, and culture night, which brought the union of heart among all the participants.

There were also DP lecture training program and DP YouTube video award session, and at the final program, brother and sisterhood relationships were made between youth of different national backgrounds.

During the convention, the representatives of CARP from each state gave reports about their activities in the second semester of last year. And the new goals for the next 6 months were set; the main focus is the True Family Movement and the mobilization to receiving True Mother in Brazil.

All the participants were moved by this convention, and they got strong motivation and determination to dedicate themselves not only to their activities in each state, but also to the activities for True Family Movement at the nation-wide level.

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