Brazil: Grow Group – Santo Amaro´s Church

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

Following True Mothers guidance about preparing the youth to become future leaders of Cheon Il Guk, the Grow Group was founded in 2017 as a development academy for the youth focused on developing behavioral and leadership skills with the purpose of strengthen the pipeline of future leaders.

The Grow Group is led by Iongju Almeida – a second generation and a Human Resources regional leader in a multinational company rated as AAA – and Inowan Almeida also a second generation and regional leader of Santo Amaro´s church.

For 2018 the Grow Group participants were challenged to take one step further: they will be on the front line actively supporting 6 departments of Santo Amaro’s church (Home Groups, Blessed Couples under 40 years old, Holy Day events and attendance to blessed families, community & social work, entertainment, social media and improvement projects).

Through this initiative, we expect the provide to these new leaders in training the practice of developing a heart of service and alignment to True Parent´s tradition while adding value to the church and community through the way of becoming filial sons and daughters by bringing victory to our beleoved Heanvely Parents and True Parents.

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