Benin: 3-Day Seminar for CARP Leaders


Prepared by FFWPU Benin

Special Envoy of True Mother for Benin, Reverend Sasaki Tatsuo organized a 3-day seminar for CARP leaders to lead a better and successful activities in this new year from January 3 to 5 2018. We had 34 leaders  participants. And the event took place in Ambassade de Paix.

During this seminar, Reverend Sasaki gave his first communication on human beings. Through this, Reverend Sasaki has led CARP leaders to a better understanding of change and becoming a better person (talking about Biological Man, Legal Man, Theological Man) and the role of CARP Leaders in Society.

This was followed by Mr. SAKIYAMA’s testimony. On the second day of the seminar, our National Leader, Reverend Emmanuel ALLOGNON spoke. He gave his lecture on the theme “Overcoming Communism”. He urged the CARP Leaders to work with great love and unity in the new year 2018.

And to end the seminar, the Director of Blessed Families, Mr. TCHABOSSOU Alexis, made a spoke on the Life of Faith. Later president of CARP-Benin Ange Hervé DANNON spoke and mentioned that 587 students successfully completed the 7-day seminar during the year 2017 which is a great and hopeful success.

Participants were very pleased with the organization of this seminar and promised to double their enthusiasm and efforts in 2018 to bring success to Vision 2020 in Benin.

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