Austria: People in Search of Good Life


By Maria Pammer, FFWPU Austria

Fourteen participants from 17 to 65 years old with varied religious backgrounds met on December 16, 2017, to set out to the seminar “Live Well – God’s Desire to Bless Man”in Steyr, Austria.

It was the central concern of the seminar to make room for the participants to reflect a successful outcome of their lives and to encourage a more profound discussion of the Divine Principle and the Process of Matrimonial Blessing.

The seminar was structured in four meetings, starting each with an introduction of 5 minutes given by respective speakers. Afterwards the participants elaborated answers to questions and shared their answers in small groups. At the end of every meeting Kurt Sattlberger (coach for communication & energy coach) or Bogdan Pammer (head of the parish of the Family Federation Upper Austria & teacher) gave a lecture of 20 minutes.

The hospitality of Friedrich and Maria Pammer who provided their home as meeting place contributed to the good atmosphere.

The feedback of all participants expressed their gratitude and interest to continue to set out together.

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