Albania: WFWP Donating Chairs to Kindergarten

Prepared by WFWP Albania

With the suggestions of our elder members working in Education System we started to work on a plan of donating chairs for a kindergarten in Tirana.

This issue is quite a priority for the Municipality of Tirana, since last year was the reconstruction of the kindergartens and this year it is renovating their furniture.

Usually for Christmas and New Year occasion we do organize ourselves for a simple contribution and this time we reached public service. After a meeting with the Directory of Education in Regional Level of Tirana they defined the kindergarten which was most in need for new chairs. On December 27, 2017 with the help of our members gathering for a festive event, a member from Germany Ute Lemme, and Mercedez Gonzalez with the members of Madrid FFWPU we could provide 40 new and good priced chairs.

After that we could relate more with director of the kindergarten that expressed her desire and will to cooperate with us not only to supply the other classes in the future but also to attend our general events for the greater good if the society.

The director of Kindergarten is the Lady on the right of our Chair-woman holding the Logo. We hope to have again financial resources and offer the whole number of chairs to the Kindergarten Nr. 51. A big gratitude goes for our sisters who always find ways to bring our ideas to realization.

May God Bless all the good efforts all around the world!

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