Albania: Family Festival & Blessing Ceremony

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

On December 17th, around 200 people gathered at the Classic hall of Tirana Hotel International to attend the Family Festival and Blessing Ceremony. Among them were many Ambassadors for Peace, Blessed Families, members and 25 previous married couples who received Blessing of marriage from . After the study tour in Thailand in November, Albanian FFWPU and also the Ambassadors for Peace are preparing to launch Heavenly Tribal Messiah Providence in Albania. The year 2018 will have its focus in bringing victory in Tribal Messiahship.

The program began with music and beautiful performances by a professional singer who is an Ambassador for Peace. This was followed by a lecture on the meaning and significance of the family and marriage blessing. Rev. Gin Young Shin, True Parents’ Special Envoy to Albania, was the officiator of the Blessing.

It was a very beautiful and joyful ceremony. All the couples who received blessing this time, were very happy and excited to rededicate themselves to deepen their love for each other centered on God and shared this experience with others.

Among the participants, there were some Ambassadors for Peace couples who attended a 4-day Divine Principle Seminar on early November 2017.

During January and February 2018, we will have several blessing ceremonies around Albania to spread Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ Blessing to all over the nation. Our goal is to make Family Festival and Blessing Ceremony a national well-known brand, a True Parents brand.

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