Zambia: Women’s Federation in Choma


by Fabrice Djimadoum, WFWP Zambia

Southern Province is one of Zambia’s ten provinces, and home to Zambia’s premier tourist attraction, Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls), shared with Zimbabwe. The center of the province, the Southern Plateau, has the largest area of commercial farmland of any Zambian province, and produces most of the maize crop. The provincial capital is Choma. Until 2011 the provincial capital was Livingstone City. Choma is a market town in the Southern Province of Zambia, lying on the main road and railway from Lusaka to Livingstone. It is home to a small museum dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Tonga people of southern Zambia. The population of Choma is about 40,000 people and it serves as the commercial hub for the central region of the province.

The WFWP Choma Chapter launched in 2016. And the first anniversary was held on December 10, 2017 at Choma Hotel in Choma, Capital of Southern Province with the theme “The 3 life Goals and the 3 Golden Rules”. A total of 32 participants to this event included 4 men came to support or representing their wives.

A delegation from Lusaka composed of Mrs. Eunice Sanfo, WFWP Zambia Vice President, Mrs. Kiyomi Wakasaka, executive member of WFWP Zambia and Mr. Fabrice Djimadoum representing FFWPU traveled  from Lusaka in the morning of December 10, 2017  and arrived in Choma to meet Mrs. Evelyn Chimfwembe who went a day before for the preparation. Also participants traveled from within Choma and neighboring Sikalongo, Tara, Mochipapa.

Honour Mrs. Shina Muleya, Choma District Commissioner sent her apology for not been able to attended the event due to her commitment in the national duty.

Mrs. Nyambe, vice coordinator for WFWP in Choma District gave the opening prayer. later Mrs. Nasilele, WFWP Choma District Coordinator, have a brief history of WFWP. She encouraged women to take more responsibilities and be creative and independent.

Mrs. Chimfwembe, the Southern Province Coordinator for FFWPU and WFWP spoke about the background of WFWP Choma Branch and encouraged women to take more responsibilities. She further emphasized on the status of the WFWP as faith based organization.

The next speaker was Mrs. Sanfo who gave a lecture on character education based on the three blessings. She spoke also about the importance of the role women are playing in the family. For this reason they must be women of integrity and matured character which can affect their families positively. She stressed on the family as the school of love. Throughout the lectures, Mrs. Fostina Muhango offered the interpretation to local language, Tonga.

Presentation of gifts/donation of two sewing machines worth of US$180 by WFWP Zambia.

Mrs. Kiyomi explained about how miraculously she acquired a sewing machines during the black friday, when all machines were hidden. She further advised to use them for intended purposes. She also explained the need to have these machines after a request made by Mrs. Nasilele to empower women. In response to the donation, Mrs. Nasilele thanked the WFWP for the gesture which will go a long way and will help the women not depend of buying uniform but can make themselves.

The last lecture was given by Mrs. Evelyn Chimfwembe on the 3 golden rules. She emphasized on sexual purity, fidelity which are best ways to get rid of all sexual transmissible diseases including HIV /AIDS.

In closing remarks, Mrs. Rashid, Secretary General of the WFWP Choma District appreciated the gestures and was very happy that a Platform gathered people from different religious background believing in one God and with common ancestors, Adam and Eve.

The event ended with a closing prayer given by Mr. Mushabati, the Vice President for FFWPU Choma District and 3 cheers of eog mansei by Mrs. Chimfwembe.

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