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The Blessed Families and brothers and sisters all around the country celebrated the True Children’s day and the Foundation day of the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth.

Special visits from our Senior Leaders

Dr. Dieter Schmidt and his wife as a new regional leader visited us. During their visit they met different groups of leaders and members of the Hungarian Movement. They met with the members of UPF board to understand their situation and to start to solve some issues. Dieter and Ana met with the HU-HARP board members as well and shared their hearts and listened them carefully, after the meeting the youth were invited by Dieter and Ana to Korean restaurant. Next day, Dieter Schmidt gave a Sunday sermon focusing on the topic that we need to say YES to God’s will and say NO to Satan’s temptations. After the Sunday Service the Community Leaders had a chance to have a lunch and sharing with Dieter and Ana. Dieter summarized about the current providence and the three main focuses of True Mother to them. To bring back the witnessing spirit, create the environment for witnessing and raise talented youth and 2. gens for God’s will.

Mrs. Martine Massner, EU-Witnessing Coordinator and her husband Peter came to Budapest and held a 1 day witnessing seminar. Martine shared a good practice on witnessing and blessing. Same time she was talking to us to help to adopt a new witnessing paradigm for blessing and how to approach people. As part of the workshop there were also Q and A session where members had chance to speak up and share as well.

Inauguration of Pioneer Center

Beginning of October, we could open a pioneer center in Debrecen town. In the past there was a CARP center opened by missionaries but after some time we could not keep it. That’s why we are very happy that one of our blessed couple Mr. and Mrs. Dervishaj offered the ground floor of their house to serve as a church center again. In the moment one more blessed couple and a Japanese 2. gen. brother is living in the City.

Divine Principle Lectures

The Budapest Community organized Divine Principle lectures. Several members of the Budapest Community, including children as well went to distribute on street leaflets after the Sunday Services or during the week. One of the topics was on “Life after life”, this lecture included the first chapter and of course focusing on the spiritual reality. The lecture was given by the national leader. After his presentation one of our AFP shared her spiritual experience to the audience. The second lecture was given by Mrs. Barbara Grabner who came from Slovakia. Her topic was on Reformation 1517-2017, and she gave the lecture focusing on the 400 years of preparation to welcome the Messiah, helping the audience to understand the real purpose of reformation.

Father’s Academy

We invited a psychologist who established his NGO focusing on Fathers. His motivation was to raise the attention of Society to help to understand how important that fathers involve themselves more consciously in children education and public life (at home, kindergarten, school, etc. ) involving in domestic work, in church life…etc. this way to equally care and raise children together with wives and mothers. Father and mother express different way their love and both are needed and have an equal value. After the orientation lecture several topics were discussed in small groups supervised by our invited lecturer. Such topics like: How the grandparents need to be involved in the life of children and grandchildren without creating tension or being a burden for the family, How to develop naturally the parental authority, How to deal with money – common or separate budget of husband/wife. The workshop was opened to ladies and wives as well and they contributed a lot during the discussions. Because of the very positive feedbacks on this workshop, 2018 in January we will have again seminar with other interesting topics.

Taking care of Children in our Communities

As we reported previously, few month ago a new HARP board was elected and the new leadership is also active and organized several programs for our harpies. On the last HU-HARP day the Parent-child relationship was discussed. The Budapest Church leader and his daughter were asked to speak and  share about their experiences and understanding on this area. Afterwards the children in small groups also shared and discussed on this topic. After lunch they watched a movie connecting them more to the topic of the parent-child relationship.

In Budapest case the children also started to be involved and go out to the streets to distribute leaflets to invite people for public lectures after Sunday service together with adults.

In Pecs, Training Center the Pecs City Leader couple organized a weekend Seminar for small age  children. Not only church children but the children of close friends also attended and enjoyed this seminar. Some of the Bible stories were offered to the children from the Divine Principle point of view.

Serving the Society

  • One of our sister in Gyor community Mrs. Ibolya Gorzo wanted to bring joy and “good start of the day” to people on the street. That’s why she wrote short quotations from True Parents and from other writers and gave out to people. Some of the journalist also got a message from her what fitted very much to her. She got inspired and wrote article about our sister.
  • In Budapest we continued to collect shoes, books, toys, clothes and offered it to a homeless parents and children
  • In Kaposvar City our members continue to take care of old people in three institutions. Recently they started a new project to take care of disabled people as well. And in Szeged City the members are preparing for Christmas and made gingerbread for old people to express their love and concern together with their new comer guests.
  • One of our brother Mr. Kozma who lived in Korea for two years was invited to a martial arts club to introduce the Korean Culture. Very naturally he could also speak about True Parents and generally their investment to the sports as well, like WHD. The Trainer already attended some year ago a 3 day DP WS. There was also one lady who was invited to show Korean dance to the members of this sport club. Still in September this lady get in contact with us through the Peace Road and True Father’s Seonghwa Anniversary. We have saying: “World is a small village”

Exhibitions in the Peace Embassy

During this period, we organized two exhibitions in our Peace Embassy. One was by Mrs. Zsoka Farago our elder sister who joined to our Church one year ago and from her paintings we set up the exhibition. As part of the program we red from True Parent’s words where Father is explaining that the real art is when we create lasting relationships and when the mothers are taking care and raising up children using their artistic creativity. And one of our AFP and her choir was offering beautiful songs.

The second one was an amateur photo exhibition about Croatia. The exhibition was sponsored and co- organized by the Croatian Local Government of XXII. district in Budapest. The idea came to organize this event through the Croatian-Hungarian blessed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Bajor. Among the photographers 5 of our members had a chance to offer their photos as well. This time we could also freely talk about the ideal of True Parents concerning the importance and benefit of inter-cultural and inter-religious marriages. As part of the cooperation six of our blessed children were sponsored by the Croatian Local Government to travel to Croatia for fact-finding tour.

Public Relations and finding the ways for co-operations

  • Meeting with the Algerian Ambassador
  • Meeting with heads of different knight orders
  • Expressing love and care to our close AFPs
  • Visiting our Communities:

The National Leader and his family visited the Blessed Families and members in Kaposvar and Pecs Cities and offered the Sunday Services together.

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