USA: Seattle Youth Enjoy Weekend Divine Principle Retreat


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On December 2, the Seattle Youth Ministry kicked off its weekend Divine Principle Retreat with a community service project. 12 middle and high schoolers braced the cold and rainy weather to collect cash donations for Northwest Harvest, a local food bank that provides nutritious meals to people all over Washington State. “There was no better way to begin the retreat than in service,” said Irvin Granstrom, the local youth ministry leader.

Afterwards, the youth returned to the beautiful Windermere Mansion, the site of their three-day getaway. The historic Unificationist-owned building with stunning views of Lake Washington provided a tranquil and reflective atmosphere for the young people to grow their faith and deepen their friendships with one another. Doctor Sandra Lowen and her husband John Lowen joined the youth to give lectures on the Divine Principle, a holy book of the Unificationist faith. Yuto Ohki, who attended the workshop to support his younger brothers and sisters, remarked that Dr. Lowen was an amazing lecturer who explained the basic teachings of the Unification Movement in a way that felt relevant to young people. Then, to spice up the retreat, youth leaders held a Divine Principle lecture competition and awarded prizes to the youth who gave the most engaging lectures.

Both the participants and the youth leaders had a great time throughout the weekend. Everyone was especially grateful for the staff at Windermere, who provided and prepared the meals during the retreat. On Sunday, the group brought their bright energies to the Seattle Family Church, where they ended the workshop and attended Sunday Service with their families.

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