USA: Guiding Children Through Life and Marriage


Prepared by FFWPU USA

This Sunday (December 3, 2017), almost 50 women gathered in Belvedere for a special sisters’ meeting where they shared common challenges and insights gained after years dedicated to their families and children, many of whom are now adults. The meeting was organized by Debby Gullery, an author and speaker who promotes healthy relationships through her work for Blessing & Family Ministries.

Nora Spurgin and Betsy Jones, longtime Unificationists and counselors, shared what they have learned through their years serving the ministry and raising their own children. They discussed topics important to parenting, such as unconditional love for their children, regardless of a child’s choices and challenges. “It was wonderful to be in an environment where we could learn from our elder sisters who walked the path and laid the foundation for us,” reported one woman who heard them speak.

Mrs. Spurgin and Mrs. Jones were candid about the feelings of failure that they faced while guiding their own adult children through life and marriage. Many of the women connected to their guilt, which so often accompanies motherhood. “We often feel alone and guilty that we have not parented well and don’t know where to turn,” said one participant. “Through this meeting we could all sense a sisterhood and support from each other and a reminder of God and True Parents who have walked this same course.“

During a question and answer session, as well as several group discussions, the women realized even more deeply that they shared a bond as mothers and wives. Many remarked that the openness in the room was refreshing. “The insights, honesty, laughter and tears filled us with a hope that will allow us once again to continue on this most difficult path of restoration,” reflected one meeting participant.

The group plans to meet monthly to continue supporting one another.

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