USA: Creating More Miracles for True Mother


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On the evening of December 5, FFWPU Continental Chairman Dr. Ki Hoon Kim made his way to the Honolulu Learning Center to speak to over 30 Unificationists of the Honolulu Family Church.

He delivered a comprehensive presentation on the activities of the Unification movement in America over the past year.”It was good to review all the great things that happened throughout 2017 in the final month of the year,” said one participant. Through his presentation, entitled “Vision 2020 Best Practices 2017,” those in attendance were able to deepen their understanding about True Parents’ goals and hopes for the future of the world.

“Dr. Kim’s visit couldn’t have been timed better,” said Rev. Kazuo Takami, district pastor of Hawaii. He explained, “In the first week of December, I had been praying about how to lead congregations properly to conclude the year of 2017. Then, I heard that Dr. Kim coming to Kona, Hawaii in order to welcome a special delegation from Africa for the Universal Peace Federation’s international conference. I immediately requested Dr. Kim to visit us.  As I expected, he shared lot of deep insights and great stories about True Mother and our movement.”

Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Kim managed to visit Honolulu the day before the UPF conference started. Rev. Takami and other local Unificationists were grateful for the spiritual benefits they received from Dr. Kim’s presentation.

In his presentation, Dr. Kim described many of the events in the past year, including True Mother’s visit to Madison Square Garden, as miracles. “It made me think we should be miracle doers all the time,” said one Unificationist in attendance.

Those in attendance were also moved by Dr. Kim’s commitment to True Parents as well as the Unificationists across the nation: “He was in Korea last week, in Washington, D.C. just a few days ago, and now here he is in Hawaii. Even though we are a small community in America, Dr. Kim took the time to share with us how important all our activities are for God and True Parents,” said another participant.

As True Mother prepares to visit Africa in January, Dr. Kim prepares to support her there and encouraged everyone to join the national 40 day prayer condition as well as the national prayer call.

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