USA: A Rocky Mountain Blessing


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On December 9, 2017, Chuck and Peggy Workman are the newest couple in the Colorado Family Church community to receive the Marriage Blessing. The formal ceremony for the couple was held on Saturday, December 9th. Friends and family joined the festivities, presided over by Pastors Mike and Adonia Hentrich. Many members of the community joined in the celebration and worked together to decorate the chapel, prepare the reception and food. Some people also pitched in financially to purchase wedding attire and rings for the couple. Chuck and Peggy both worked hard over the past year doing special projects to save up a donation for their Blessing Ceremony.

The ceremony was prefaced by the sharing of the Holy Wine, and then featured the sacrament of the Holy Water, and the exchange of Blessing Vows and rings. A local Christian minister and friend, Pastor Fils, graced the ceremony by singing a beautiful song of congratulations in French. Chuck and Peggy exchanged very personal appreciation cards with hand-written messages of love and commitment to each other, reading them aloud for all to share. This was a very touching feature which Chuck and Peggy prepared and valued very much. They were like love letters to one another. A beautiful wedding cake was also prepared and enjoyed by all, and they cut the cake in our festive way in three symbolic stages. Then, they fed each other the first piece to begin the reception.

The Benediction Prayer

Testimonies were shared by many members about how faithful and devoted the Workmans have been to one another and to the community. Chuck and Peggy first met members of the local Church several years ago when they received an invitation on their door to a spaghetti dinner at the Church a few blocks away. They came to the dinner, and then to a pancake breakfast, both featuring introductions to the Divine Principle, and also to Sunday Service. One of the points that Chuck and Peggy shared during the reception was that they appreciated how the Divine Principle helped them to have a better understanding of the Bible. They became one of the most active members of the community, coming to almost every function and event, and helping with time and elbow grease whenever possible. It has been so inspiring for people in the community to watch the couple grow and blossom over the past 4 years to get to the point of being able to receive the Blessing.

Dr. Michael Hentrich gave the toast

Peggy’s brother, Mark, also joined them as members of the Church and has become the Audio/Visual person for Sunday Service. Mark studies the Divine Principle regularly and helps in other ways whenever he can. Chuck and Peggy also help each week with stocking the Food Bank in the Church.

Chuck and Peggy are now completing the remaining steps of their Blessing process. They were clearly so happy and blessed on that joyous day, as was the entire community. God Bless the newly Blessed Couple, Chuck and Peggy.

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