Uruguay: Inauguration of IAPP


Prepared by UPF Uruguay

On November 24, the IAPP was launched at Uruguay’s National Garden in Montevideo. Raúl Rey, Secretary General of UPF Uruguay, was the master of ceremonies.

Rev. Dongmo Shin, UPF President in South America, and Rev. Sang Suek Kim, FFWPU President in Latin America, delivered a message. Later, the former president of the Chamber of Senators, Carlos Baráibar, gave a speech on the importance of the IAPP, referring to his experience during the events held in Paraguay and Korea.

Among the attendees were the former First Lady Ms. Graciela Rompani de Pacheco, the parliamentarian Pablo Abdala, religious leaders, and 40 Peace Ambassadors. The event concluded with all participants committing to support further activities of the IAPP.

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