UK: Engaging Communities to Protect the Vulnerable, Prevent and Expose Slavery and Human Trafficking


By Oliver Lane, WFWP UK

Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Scotland & Glasgow Peace Federation (GPF) joint event was held on November 18th, 2017 at Partick Burgh Hall, Glasgow. The theme for the event was “Building a Better World through Knowing Universal Principles”

Scotland WFWP joined with Glasgow Peace Federation to share their vision of a world where women’s unique compassion, nurturing and practicality can play a leading role in resolving some of society’s major problems. Members, guests and Ambassadors for Peace joined in resolving to participate in a “Bridges of Peace” ceremony in order to create an environment of peace and wellbeing for future generations between people of all races, cultures and religions.

Maryann McDonald provided some musical inspiration and Manar Farahat led the audience in some Chi Kung exercises, ensuring that all were alert and prepared for the presentations.

MC Heidrun Williamson welcomed everyone, particularly Home Office National Community Engagement Heads, Oluwayemisi Jenkins MBE, Janet Griffiths and Sara Rathmore.

Oluwayemisi spoke of their role as engaging with the ethnic and national communities to protect the vulnerable, particularly women and children and prevent and expose slavery and human trafficking. Their work also includes illegal immigration. The message was that the Home Office saw very clearly the need to work in partnership with communities.

A brief video presentation on the work and history of WFWP, founded by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon in 1992; followed by Oksana Torok, WFWP Scotland member, reminded the audience of love’s ability, as the most powerful force, to overcome all obstacles and facilitate change. If love and heart are at the centre of our actions, we can truly substantiate our ideals. – “Peace starts with Me.”

Ann Breslin, event organiser, lead a “Bridge of Peace” ceremony where the audience, in pairs, exchanged origami birds, bowed to each other, embraced and committed themselves to mutual respect, understanding and friendship.

In her closing remarks Ann reminded all of the need for the motherly heart of women to be at the very centre of our communities. “Live for the sake of others” and “be a guiding and leading light for them.”

Volunteers then served refreshments and a tasty buffet, enabling the participants to meet one another and share thoughts and make contacts and future plans.

Many thanks towards the speakers, participants and volunteers.

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