Uganda: Inauguration of IAPP


 Prepared by UPF Uganda

The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace Uganda inaugural assembly took place at Parliament Building, Uganda on the 14th of December 2017.

The occasion was graced by 21 current Members of Parliament, including Hon. Rev.Fr. Simon Lokodo, Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, and Hon. Dr. Sam Lyomoki, Secretary General, Central Organization of Free Trade Unions-Uganda (COFTU) and Member of Parliament for workers. and 17 Signed the declaration. The Africa Regional Group Chairman Rev. Bakary Camara was represented by Rev. Frederick Wakhisi, the Secretary General Universal Peace Federation Kenya. was the main speaker and also read the founders address.

The ceremony started by a prayer from Rev. Gimeyi Moses secretary general Universal Peace Federation Uganda. Rev. Wakhisi presented IAPP-Uganda concept paper, explaining vision, mission and objectives. This was well received as it resonated very well with the numerous political, social, economic and cultural challenges experienced on the ground. He passionately shared True Parents vision of a world of Peace as originally created by God.

Rev. Wakhisi read the Founders’ address to an attentive audience of Parliamentarians. The atmosphere was amazingly calm, expectant and receptive.

Rev. Wakhisi gave the back ground of IAPP as the extension of UPF activities with Ambassadors for Peace in Parliament, explaining the need for principle centered legislation. This enhances unity and harmony within and among communities creating a culture of peace as opposed to politics of peace that is divisive. He intimated to the legislators that Father and Mother Moon, the founders of UPF/IAPP are greatly concerned about the state of of the World today which is far from the Ideal World. Parliamentarians shall play a great role transforming society and creating peace centering on UPF/IAPP. He reiterated the wish of True Parents to see Members of Parliament take lead in promoting peaceful societies.

The honorable Members of Parliament in attendance welcomed the idea of IAPP and appreciated Father and mother Moon for this great initiative.

Member of Parliament,Hon Cyrus Aogon said that the IAPP has come at a right time when Uganda most needs it. This is because Uganda is at a time when Members of parliament are divided over the issue of age limit on elective office. The IAPP as a non-partisan platform will therefore unite and bring peace to Ugandan Members of parliament. ‘This the best program in our parliament’, he said.

Commenting on true Mothers speech, Hon. Dr Nsaba Buturo said that since Mother Moon talks about a God-Centered society and one family under God, he has great hope that the IAPP will help create one Uganda Under God as captured in the concept paper. The members of parliament who signed the declaration pledged to encourage and mobilize colleagues to join IAPP.

In his closing remarks, Hon. Simon Lokodo, Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity in the office of the President said that the founder’s vision does not discriminate between color and religion, therefore the members of parliament are free to join and become members of IAPP. He thanked the founders of UPF/IAPP for sponsoringthis event which has long been awaited.

Fr. Lokodo stated that MPs do not only handle political challenges but are also very instrumental in tackling social problems in the community. Many people around the world tend to think that Members of Parliament only concentrate on political matters. In reality Members of Parliament also deal with individuals, families, groups and others with social problems very different from politics,” he stated.

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