Taiwan: Introduction to CARP

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

Feeling the number of Second Gen. university students growing more and more, the Greater China Regional President Prof. Thomas Hwang, especially held a workshop centered on Second Generation university students to organize CARP and train future talented leaders.

We had a two-day seminar from December 2 to 3, 2017 and Prof. Hwang shared his four years of CARP activities in the university as it had laid a very important foundation in his life. Through this, we can recognize a wider range of friends, even international friendships, broaden our field of view and learn about teamwork and team life.

Through many team and group experiential activities, Prof. Hwang personally guided 29 participants during this event. National Leader of Hong Kong Rev. Namhi Hwang who is second generation also participated as well. All participants were very inspired and motivated.

At the end of workshop, 6 directors and 1 consultant in CARP Taiwan were selected: Academic Dept., General Affairs Dept., Cultural Dept., International Dept. and witnessing Dept. and Media Dept.. In the future, they will have a meeting once a week. There will be a Kick off ceremony(出征式) for CARP Taiwan in August of 2018.

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