Taiwan: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

On December 10, 2017 we held a Heavenly Tribal Mesiah blessing ceremony in Beitou District, Taipei City. We had 350 participants and among them there were 41 couples received the blessing of marriage. They are all good in relation of couple and family relationship and well-educated children. They thanks to our staff because of their active attendance and unity. Every couple and watcher at the scene are very delighted and leave a positive impression on the organizers. We will further establish relationship with these couples and lead them to build an external relationship with True Parents.


  • This activity is really very positive, meaningful, completely beyond what we originally expected to imagine. When I walk on the red carpet, I am full of happiness. At the beginning of the ceremony, I was moved by the purification of body, mind and soul. When the pray from religious leaders, I feel big blessings from God. I shed tears of thanks and touched to Heaven.
  • This activity is really the most needed activity in this society and gives us a lot of positive energy. During the activity, when I took hold of my husband’s hand, I unconsciously shed tears of thanks. I think we have to invite more couples to participate in this event next time.
  • You can hold such a meaningful event, I really do not know how to express my sincere thanks. I married my wife for more than 50 years. When I married in the past, I did not have wedding dresses nor wedding ceremony because I had no money.  This event is very sacred, solemn and solemn, warm and touching, beyond what I can image.  It fulfilled my dream that want to have a grand wedding to compensate for his wife for so many years. I am so thankful to the organizers.
  • One daughter of participating couples: This event is so great, thanks very much to the organizers and all the volunteers for organizing such a meaningful event. Because of my parents participated in this activity, they have some change in their life. They became very happy and talk with each other more. They left only a small black and white wedding picture, but this time they can take a lot of beautiful wedding photos, I rarely see my parents are so happy. Very grateful to the organizers and all volunteers .
  • Catholic priest: this activity is so meaningful, I feel all the reception staff are so beautiful with great heart. As soon as I entered the hall, I felt that all the participating couples were harmonious couples who reached a certain level. You can find so many harmonious families and couples to promote the reconstruction of the family ethics, it is fantastic. Too many problems in this society are caused by the problems of families. If we can make good progress and follow-up education, it will greatly help our social harmony and world peace.  The next time, when you hold this event again,  We church need more participation and assistance
  • Master of Buddhism Zong Men: This activity is very good. It is indeed very creative that we can promote the very important issues of family values in such a warm and lively manner. It is worthy of great promotion. It is of great help to the peace, stability and popular support of the community. We must give strong support to such activities.

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