Taiwan: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing


Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

On December 16, 2017 we held a heavenly Tribal Messiah Education and Blessing in Xinzhuang District Office in Hsinchung . We had 100 participants and among them 16 previously married couples received blessing of marriage.

Some of members including Cheon Il Guk Japanese missionaries and second generation offered a great performance, creating a beautiful and joyful atmosphere.



A Blessed Member: When my elder sister and her husband married, my parents could not agree and did not attend their wedding. My parents also rarely communicated with my elder sister’s family. This time, my mother participated in their blessing wedding (Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessing ceremony), and it resolved the gap between the two generations, I thanked True parents’ grace to solve the problem of the tribe.

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