Taiwan: Cross Strait Peace Forum


Prepared by UPF Taiwan

The Cross Strait Peace Forum with the theme “The future of cross strait relations: the way of cooperation, sustainable development and peace” was held at National Quemoy University, Kinmen County, Taiwan on November 25, 2017. A total of 100 delegates from Mainland China (9), Hong Kong(5), Macau(1), Taiwan(24) and Kinmen (61) participated. Kinmen County which is located just off the southeastern coast of mainland China, only about 2 Km east of the mainland city of Xiamen. Its strategic position has reflected the significant change of Cross-Strait relations from a battlefront to a trading point between China and Taiwan. It was claimed to be the most ideal location for cross strait peace forum.

This forum was cosponsored by the National Quemoy University, with providing the conference hall and 10 student volunteers to support this one day program. The speakers from the cross strait were invited; the keynote speakers were Dr. Li, Jianfa, Vice President of Xiamen University and Dr. Chang, King-Yuh, former Minister of Mainland Affairs Council in Taiwan. Other prominent speakers like Dr. Tang, Yonghong, Dean, Department of Economy Research of Taiwan Research Institute, Xiamen University, the 27th descendant of famous Chinese philosopher Chu Shi, Dr. Chu, Renqiu, Professor of Chinese Philosophy, former Ambassador to the Holy See, Mr. Raymond Tai, and etc.

The first session was started with the discussion on South China Sea Disputes which reflect the current role play connecting with the rising of China’s national strength and best approach in handling disputes suggested by the three speakers. The second session discuss on the families crisis from the impact of homosexual movement in Hong Kong and Taiwan, especially on the recent progress after Taiwan’s Constitutional Court announced the rules that the prohibition of same-sex marriage in the current Civil Code violates the Constitution. The third session was a good discussion on the sense of national identity and emotions among the different age groups in Taiwan, the blood ties and Chinese surname that constituted the major factors on bridging the cross strait relationship.

The closing banquet was hosted by the Kinmen County Government at the Golden Lake Hotel, inviting all the delegates from the cross strait with warm hospitality. Kinmen County’s Deputy Magistrate Wu Cheng-tien offered all delegates special gift and making special arrangement with providing a tour guide on the next day.

All participants interacting discerningly with the discussion topics in the forum and having very good feeling throughout the entire program. We felt the Chinese good ancestors were working closely to help this event, ensure everything going smoothly. This is the fourth forum on cross strait organized by UPF-Taiwan since 2015, eventually it shall lead to creating a brand name for UPF in Greater China Region.

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