Spain: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


by Osamu Tomita and Mercedes, FFWPU Spain

An Educational, Social Event and Charity Concert were held in Madrid, on Saturday evening, on November 25th. 2017. Organized by Pure Love Education Academy, a bridge – HTM project to support our beloved True Mother (True Parents) and the FFWPU.

The aim of the Event was to support our beloved True Mother in her great desire to educate mankind with God’s viewpoint, mentality and desires.

Personally, I chose the theme of “The family is the School of Love” because our True Father considers it as a very important issue. He wants mankind to know the divine value of the Holy Marriage and Family.

My husband Osamu Tomita san helped a lot with the practical preparations and our second son Kunihito Emmanuel was the MC in this Event, he has a warm and loving character.

In the educational part of the event, we were able to offer four presentations:

  • “Family and Community in the Albanian nation” given by Professor Emilio Asti. (An Italian Professor and Lecturer, an expert in Oriental Cultures, he teaches at the University of Milan and Complutense University in Madrid). He gave a very clear and good presentation.
  • “The Structure of Love” given by Mr. José Manuel Cabero Diéguez. (He is an International Missionary and Pastor of our Family Federation. He as a H.T.M. invited his contacts like Pastor Fito, and several other guests).
  • “A Good Preparation for the Holy Marriage” given by Mrs Mercedes de Tomita. (Especially I wanted to explain the importance of sexual purity before marriage, chastity, virginity, the three Blessing and the holy value of marriage and matrimony, according to God’s view point and the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon).
  • “Building the Family” given by Pastor Fito Torrico Durán. (He knows José Manuel Cabero for several years and he is Pastor or a Christian Organisation called “The Meeting Point – My Home and My Family” in a town called Valdemorillo in the Northern part of Madrid. He came with his wife and children).

The lecturers received an Appreciation Certificate for their excellent presentations and hard work.

All the Audience could benefit a lot from the contents of all these lectures, each Lecturer gave a different angle that was very important and valuable. People gave many good feed backs about them. We could help God in His desire to educate mankind with His Mentality and True Values.

The Social part of this Event consisted in given a Merit Award to Mrs. Consuelo de la Fuente Palacios. A lady that has written her biography in a book with the title: “Roses and Thorns”. She gave us a summary of her life in the book. Truly a testimony of a lady that has suffered a lot in her life but she has been able to accept her destiny and she has the attitude to live with a Christian mind and loving God and her fellow man.

The Charity Concert was given by the Choir of Alborada, directed by Mrs. Camino de la Puente.

I know this Choir since 2007 and they always support the Events that I’ve organized with altruism and great professionalism. They usually bring with them a warm and joyful atmosphere. It was an excellent repertoire of Spanish and international classical songs.

They were presented with a Merit Award and several gifts for their excellent performance and contribution to this Event.

Like our last Concert in May 14th. this year, the funds raised will be given to an orphanage in Tirana, capital city of the Republic of Albania, called “Zyber Hallulli”.

The Holy Marriage Blessing was given to 6 couples. They took the Holy Wine and they renewed their marriage vows and pledge to become a Trinity with God. They understood this point very clearly. They felt very happy and moved as the atmosphere in the Hotel Conference Room was filled with the Holy Spirit. Everyone could feel that and they mention it.

As a Toast for Peace and a Global Family, everyone in the Room took the Holy Wine. We ended our Program with an Interreligious Prayer with our Cheon IL Guk Holy Candle. Four people of different faiths prayed for a world filled with true families and true love.They could understand that our Movement is a “Movement of True Families” as our True Mother is always educating us.

We offered them some snacks and refreshments so that everyone could talk and express their feelings and different opinions.

In this occasion for two days in the Tetuán district, where the Hotel is located, I was in the street giving personal invitations to the people, through this activity a Christian lady from the Dominican Republic came and she enjoyed the program very much. We will meet again for further education about our Federation Ideals and Vision. Some other guests came with the usual approach.

I’d like to offered my most sincere gratitude to other Heavenly Tribal Messiahs for their participation and cooperation in this event, like: Takiko Imoto san, she brought a guest, Pedro Mururzábal, Eva Kondili and her sister, Mario Magaz, Emilio Asti that he gave a donation for the expenses of the Event and José Manuel Cabero that came with many guests of his tribal work in Madrid, Northen area. Also our new sister from 2015 and spiritual daughter Lola Palancar offered her heart and gave a lot of love to everyone.

So we were a team working for God and our beloved True Parents.

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