Romania: Two Days Divine Principle Seminar


Prepared by FFWPU Romania

We are in the 21 Days JeongSung Condition period for JeonDo(WT). We are doing JeonDo activities every day together with CARP members. It was the last 2 Days Divine Principle Workshop for new guests in this year. We were so happy to see young people who want to study Divine Principle and join our CARP activity more and more.

This workshop started with Divine Principle lecture which was given by our national leader Mr.Jeong. They liked so much his lectures because it was so much connected to their life and they could find the answers which they were searching for. So, all the participants started to think deeper about their lives and God’s Will toward them.

Workshop continued with Happy Day (Time for team building activity). We played game called ‘Finding myself’ which started with mission to find the answers of questions. Main activity was finding our dream jobs and give 3muinits speech about it, ‘What is my dream job, why do I want to become?’ and so on. It was really nice time to listen the other passions and future dreams.

In the afternoon we had 3 more Divine Principle lectures which was ‘Human Fall section 2, section 4’ and ‘Principle to Restoration and Adam’s Family’. Each lecture had clear message and we could understand better our reality now. After each lecture we made pair to have discussion centered of questions. It was meaningful time to discuss because through this we could understand better. And in the end, we organized ‘Family sharing time’ to conclude our 1st day of workshop with deep sharing as family.

Sunday morning, we started our workshop with morning exercises and HoonDokHae for morning inspiration. For morning HoonDokHae we read from True Fathers autobiography. The part when He was teenager and started asking many fundamental questions about life and universe. As young age we need to ask these kinds of questions in order to find right answers for our lives.

2nd Day of this workshop had 2 more lectures from Divine Principle which are ‘Eschatology and Human History’ and ‘The purpose of Messiah and True Father’s life’. All the lecturer gave clear and strong message about the history where it’s heading, and we need to meet Messiah in our lives. It was completely new perspective for new guest, but it was strong awakening at same time. Before the ending of this workshop we had presentation about CARP membership. It was beautiful joyful atmosphere through the workshop. And we are sure that all the people who participate created this beautiful atmosphere as family centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We will continue all this activity, so we can show the ways for Romanian young people and at same time we can bring hope and joy for Heavenly Parent and True Parents!


The 2 Days Workshop organized CARP was very interesting, as it influenced my perspective over myself and the things happening around. Right from the first step inside this place I felt love, care and kindness. We all have a good heart and all of us here promote goodness even though it was  hard for us to get wards to define exactly, our conscience makes us understand it and seek it. We were presented the principles of doing good under the God’s desire to create the Heavenly world on earth that we should have. At some point there were mistakes done by the first people, then of the others wrong side of history, the sin took over and we lost communication with God, things around us and most importantly with us. What I learned here is that I should find the best solution to make myself better, to grow, to find valance and solve the internal contradiction. This way I should be able not only to think of me, but of others. I could have a family based on true love and able to create good future. In the end I just want to say that I am very grateful I had chance to get the above-mentioned feelings and thoughts, I really hope I will integrate my actions in their light. (Marcel)

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