Haiti: Pure Love Festival 2017


Prepared by FFWPU Haiti

FFWPU Haiti and WFWP Haiti hold a pure love festival on the occasion of the International AIDS Day, with the theme the “Pure Love Festival 2017 successfully on December 1st, 2017, at our headquarters.

We visited schools in advance to invite people and we’re so glad to see 70 people participated.

A youth member who studied the science of medicine, explained the knowledge and risks of AIDS with projection of the “Living in the Era of AIDS”.

During the event, participants have learnt new ways to prevent AIDS and thought seriously about sexual issues, for their own lives.

In addition, President of WFWP-Haiti, gave a speech the “Preparation for Marriage” with projection, call out the importance of protecting chastity.

Many of the people who received the sympathy that new idea, and pledged to protect chastity.

At the end, read the “pledge of Pure Love” at all, signed on the poster of “Pledge of Pure Love”.

In Haiti headquarters, it is an annual event that has gone on December 1st, every year, is located while penetration in the community.

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