Pure Love Club Annual Meeting

Prepared by YFWP Uganda

The pure love club Uganda conducted its annual end of year camp in Kigali Rwanda. This event was organized by YFWP Uganda, CARP Rwanda and FFWPU Rwanda. A total of 19 students both first and second generation members from Uganda and Rwanda attended.

The students were guided in Divine Principle and character education. The education was conducted by Top gun cadets as well as youth leaders from Uganda and Rwanda. Other activities included attending Sunday service and singing before the congregation the principle youth march.

The students also visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial site to cultivate the heart of love and forgiveness. There were games and sports and entertainment. The workshop concluded with the reflections from students both from Uganda and Rwanda who pledged to grow in character and also to invite their friends to join Pure Love Club.

The national leader of Rwanda Rev Francis Makuuza then guided the students to love God before he officially launched and signed to open up Pure Love Club in Rwanda.

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