Paraguay: WFWP Annual Meeting


Prepared by WFWP Paraguay

We held our annual meeting for this year on December 1, 2017.  The event began with 2 beautiful Paraguayan songs sung by 9 years old “Lupita”.  And Vice President of WFWP Paraguay Mrs. Tania Acosta, introduced our beautiful Prof. Agustina Aquino and Mrs. Reinalda Amarilla, active members of WFWP.

We had a video presentation about WFWP which was very good specially for the new guests we had. Then Mrs. Roswitha Giuliano gave explained about WFWP mission and activities worldwide, as well as the activities of WFWP Paraguay during this year.

UPA graduate Ms. Entela Mustafaj, director of Youth and students in Paraguay, explained about CARP and its activities.

Mr. Evaristo Fernandez, president of UPF Paraguay explained about the mission and meaning of being a Peace Ambassador.

Special Envoy Rev. Sung Jong Seo, Mr. Evaristo Fernandez, president of UPF Paraguay and Roswitha Giuliano delivered Peace Ambassadors Certificates to the 10 candidates. The candidates were of very high social level such as lawyers, actresses, president of NGOs, School directors, Miss Paraguay among others.

They were profoundly grateful and inspired by this distinction and eager to support WFWP activities next year. Many of them as well as the event participants came to WFWP members and asked how they can support our activities.

After the appreciation words of 3 Peace Ambassadors, Miss Paraguay sang a wonderful song about women.

The event ended with a raffle of beautiful Paraguayan handcraft brought by WFWP member and collaborator Dr. Susana Barua.

As we had asked for donation of non-perishable food in the invitation, many of the guests brought it. These were delivered to Mrs. Euclides Aguinagalde who has a group of underprivileged women who are starting small business with the government’s help. This group is called Kuña Guapa. They were deeply grateful.

All participants were presented with a small decoration made of the fruit of a Tajy tree, made by one of WFWP member and collaborator.

Special Thanks to our True Parents, and especially True Mother who inspires us constantly with her words and actions. And Thanks for all those who supported all our activities in 2017.

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