Paraguay: Successful 4th Home Group Festival


by Felix Coronel Fariña, FFWPU Paraguay

Colors, sunshine and very good music cheered the hearts of Paraguayan families on Sunday November 26 in the last week of the month, 2017 in the capital of the South American country with the successful completion of the Fourth Home Group Festival for the victory of Vision 2020.

The event that began at 09:00 in the morning and extended until the afternoon at the headquarters of the Federation of Families for Peace and Unification in Asunción, is an initiative of the National Coordination of Home Groups by Felix Coronel Fariña and the support of the special envoy of Cheon Il Guk the Rev. Sung Jeong Seo, as well as the President of the Federation of Families for World Peace and Unification. In addition to the presence of special guests such as the Miss Paraguay of the Republic of Paraguay Yessica Daiana Ledezma Báez, the only “Miss Paraguay 2017”, the President of the Universal Peace Federation Mr. Evaristo Fernández, the event was attended by authorities such as the Ambassador of Peace and Director of Culture and Special Events of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation Dr. Enrique Castro Rodríguez and the President of the Holding Miss PARAGUAY Guillermo Rolon who is also Ambassador for Peace.

The artistic presentations were made by the representatives of the Home Groups and special guests such as the singer “Lupita. The Little Princess of Folklore “, the Mbarete Group of Ypacarai and the Young People of the Young People and Students Association who presented a musical that made everyone dance as well as the Presentation of Martial Arts, Tong Il Moo Do by Master Viviana Moreyra, among others. The presentations filled the atmosphere with joy and fun and very exciting moments.

The members of 21 Home Groups of people present and brought several guests totaled about 350 people, for this special occasion. There were several awards for achievements during the year and raffles for interesting prizes.

At the Home Group Festival in Paraguay, Prof. Graciela Reyes and Tania Acosta, Prof. Dario Maldonado and Aristides Rondan and Prof. Dr. Néstor Manuel Alarcón Barrios and Pedro Acosta shared their testimonies about studying Rev. Sun Myung Moon´s Divine Principle and the Life of the True Parents, how they experienced even miracles which moved the audience deeply and they felt motivated to study the Divine Principle.

The music, the dances, the theater, and many prizes generated an atmosphere of True Love and a strong desire to strengthen witnessing activities and involve new guests in the providence centered on True Parents.


Mrs. Lourdes Almiron: Very pleasant, jovial and a nice atmosphere of camaraderie. Worth admiring the organization and dedication of the program. Very, very nice everything.

Dad of. Lupita The Princess of Folklore: What I can tell you is that it was great, very good organization in every way, we really feel very good with my family, Lupita and I already knew the place once we went to participate in a talk was not to sing

Professor Dario Maldonado: Sincerely a Spectacular Festival, the presentation, Artist, Singers, Dances. The Festival a total success, joy for those present, for the performances of the Artists, Musicians, Theaters and others, I think a well-planned work only I have my thanks and sincere Congratulations.

Dr. Enrique Castro. Director of Culture of the National Congress: We have spent a wonderful morning – afternoon, where we have spent as a family, we have met the members of the federation, as well as enjoying an excellent lunch (roasted with salads). In the opportunity both young and adult could demonstrate their artistic talents, both in dance, theater, singing and other areas. As an added value of the event raffles were made of several very interesting gifts, the MISS PARAGUAY was present, who with her beauty and charisma posed with those present who were very happy

It only remains for me to congratulate the organizers of the event for such a laudable work and such a beautiful event that also serves to share and get to know each other better to promote and disseminate the culture through the artists of the Federation of Families for Peace and Unification, who They have rehearsed and have taken their time to shine the festival. My thanks to the directors, members and volunteers who made us feel at home. Thank you!

Mr. Freddy Lopez Father of one of the members of the invited group called Mbarete: We really did not know what it was about. That’s why we were attentive to everything. And I loved the atmosphere, it felt a lot of peace, And that everything was also very well organized: The reception, The synchronized show, The local, Very simple people and very united, And lunch of the best of everything. And the most important thing is that we realized that people value our artists very much, We really love.

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