Paraguay: Inauguration of the Permanent office for IAPP South America


Prepared by UPF South America

On December 5th, the Regional Office of the International Association of Parliamentarians for World Peace (IAPP) was inaugurated with a Gala Dinner at the World Trade Center in Asuncion, Paraguay. Personalities from different countries gathered with the firm idea of working for World Peace, with the newly created Association, in Paraguay and throughout South America.

Approximately 12 Parliamentarians from Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia; Brazil and Ecuador, accompanied by important social, governmental, religious, political, academic, environmental and media leaders, shared ideas and projects in favor of World Peace.  Rev.  Shin Dong Mo, on behalf of True Mother, thanked the present leaders for their support of the IAPP and asked them to work together for World Peace, in defense of human rights and build a more humane and fraternal society.

Dr. Simon Ferrabolli  shared a conference that was characterized by its high patriotic    content    where he called on everyone to commit themselves in favor of family values and stressed the importance of surpassing oneself and combating the internal dangers that attack the individual, such as extreme individualism, selfishness, discrimination, etc.

Deputy Cynthia Elisabeth Tarrago Díaz welcomed all guests, especially the Parliamentarians from neighboring countries and she expressed her joy of inaugurating the regional office of the AIPP in Paraguay, which implies that in our country we  are doing things well according  to the popular will. At one point, she thanked True Mother for having chosen Paraguay as the regional headquarters, stating that these challenges and commits everyone to work together for Peace in the region.

Finally, all parliamentarians from neighboring countries spoke for three to five minutes  each, highlighting their enthusiasm to accompany the initiative of IAPP to convene and enable a space for all parliamentarians without political party, to gather in this office and

search for valid solutions to the problems that  plague  our society in this time. The recently elected Beauty Queen “Miss Paraguay”, Miss Yessica  Daiana  Ledezma Báez actively participated in the aforementioned event, offering two Paraguayan songs, which were very applauded by those present; earning the love of all those present.

At the end of the event, official photos were taken, a delicious dinner was offered, and everyone used this moment to share experiences and make friends in all social sectors. In this way, the brand-new office of the International Association of Parliamentarians for World Peace was inaugurated.

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