Paraguay: Annual Meeting with Peace Ambassadors


Prepared by UPF Paraguay

On December 21, 2017 UPF Paraguay had the 2017 Activities Closing ceremony in Asunción. Eighty Ambassadors for Peace came to bid farewell to this year, and this time 8 new Ambassadors for Peace were nominated, highlighting the figure of the Mayor of the City of Ñemby, one of the cities near the capital Asunción.

Dr. Lucas Lanzoni, who appreciated the distinction and promised with brief words to accompany and support the volunteer work carried out by the Universal Peace Federation. Monsignor Rafael Ruiz Gaona, Bishop of the Paraguayan Catholic Church was also named Ambassador for Peace, who then offered a brief but moving message recalling biblical words spoken by Jesus in relation to the importance of individual peace or inner peace in order to reach universal peace.

The Ambassador for Peace and Director of Culture of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies, Dr. Enrique Castro was also part of those who shared brief words alluding to the moment in Paraguay, asking everyone to live for the sake of others and thus together build a more just and united society and nation.

Dr. Sung Jong Seo, Special Emissary of the True Mother in Latin America and Special Envoy in Paraguay, proclaimed True Parents before the Ambassadors of Peace and presented The Divine Principle as the ultimate expression of Truth, encouraging everyone to study it, assuring them that they will be able to find in them new sources of inspiration to work for a better and more human world.

Entela Mustafaj, True Mother´s Student Envoy in Paraguay shared an interesting Power Point message about her experiences in her country Albania, before finding The Divine Principle, spoke about her work in Paraguay with young Paraguayan students, Finally, she asked the participants to study and deepen their understanding of the Divine Principle, the philosophy of life that she assured completely changed her vision of life and her relationship with God.

The Beauty Queen and representative of Paraguay in the international competitions, “Miss Paraguay” Yessica Daiana Ledezma Báez offered two songs from her repertoire, surprising everyone with two romantic songs. Finally, she asked the Ambassadors for Peace to pray for her considering that she will travel to Colombia to represent Paraguay in her first international challenge in a Latin American beauty contest among thirty-three countries.

Don Evaristo Fernández, President of the UPF of Paraguay was distinguished with the “Republic Award” by the Honorable Chamber of Deputies, recognition that the Legislative Branch grants personalities who have excelled in acts or projects in favor of Peace. The President of the Protocol and Ceremonial Department of the aforementioned legislative body, Dr. Víctor Ramos, was the representative of the National Congress who delivered the distinction to the President of UPF Paraguay.

At the end there was a raffle of Christmas baskets which created a nice family atmosphere. All the winners were very happy and grateful. Prof. Gustavo Giuliano was Master of Ceremonies, highlighting his great charisma to harmonize the environment and make those present feel happy and excited during the event. After the official ceremony, a traditional Paraguayan-Brazilian dinner was offered, a specialty of the International Restaurant, Paulista Grill.

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