Paraguay: ACLC Annual Meeting


Prepared by UPF Paraguay

On November 24, ACLC Paraguay held it´s 2017 Activities Closing Event with 60 participants. The participants included evangelical Pastors, catholic priests, Mormon pastor, Muslims and Unificationists.

The event started with a short explanation about the founding and purpose of ACLC by the MC. Then a video about the activities of 2017 was shown followed by some songs of 3 evangelic pastors accompanied by guitars and harps.

Then the two religious leaders who participated in the recent Interreligious Rally in Korea gave very heartfelt reports about their experiences. They are resolved to support all ACLC activities.

Pedro Acosta, president of ACLC Paraguay read and explained True Fathers Speech “Vision of the Principle about the Providential History of Salvation”

At the end President Pedro Acosta gave Appreciation Certificates to those who supported ACLC activities during the year.

Many people asked about how they can study the Divine Principle.

The meeting ended with refreshment and sharing. Everyone was so inspired and didn’t want to leave the place.


Evangelic Professor Alicia: Participating in ACLC meetings is always educational and renewing. The pastors who went to Korea gave deep testimonies about the meeting in Korea. Finally, I want to thank and congratulate the organizers and the peace ambassadors.

Pastor José (Ysaty Evangelic Church Asuncion) : I never knew about this organization. I am very surprised and I congratulate you for this work. I would like to know much more about ACLC. It´s very interesting.

Pastor Alderete (Pentecostal pastor) knows ACLC 2 years and studied the Divine Principle. He teaches some parts of DP to his congregation and he accepted True Parents: “the work of ACLC is spectacular and I am amazed how ACLC grew in these 2 years. I’m very grateful to the President of ACLC Pedro Acosta who taught me the DP 2 years ago”

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