Netherlands: A Call to Action


By Hans Campman, FFWPU Netherlands

A most remarkable and unexpected event took place at Dr. Balcomb’s arrival in the Netherlands: A “Light festival” in and around Glory House, our training centre November 25 to 27, 2017.

On Saturday 25th November Dr. Balcomb first had arrived in Belgium, coming from the US. He had come on his own as his wife Fumiko had a binding commitment in the US. In Brussels Dr. Balcomb had addressed the Belgian members in the HQ centre. In the evening he came to the Netherlands by car together with Mr. Hugo Veracx, the national leader of Belgium.

When they arrived at Glory House, (our national training centre in the dunes, close to the North Sea beach) an extraordinary event, a “light festival”, was taking place. The light festival is an annual event of the area since about ten years where people walk on a certain track, indicated by lights on the ground, through the dunes in the dark evening. What was special was that this year for the first time Glory house was included in the track. As a result, large groups of people, as many as 4000 persons, all of them dressed in clothes emitting lights, were walking around Glory House. Many went inside to have a meal or drink. It looked as if a pilgrimage was taking place to our building. This was the first time this had ever happened; it happened at the very moment of Dr. Balcomb’s arrival.

Mr. Hugo Veracx, who had brought Dr. Balcomb in his car testified as follows: “From several kilometers before arriving to Glory House we saw people walking along the way to Glory House, their bodies totally covered by lights of all colors. They were like walking Christmas Trees. And everybody was heading to Glory House. Can you imagine, brothers and sisters? It was like symbolically people as enlightened spirits were all entering Canaan, the land of God. When we arrived, the Glory House area was very crowded and on the house, there was some light show, which could be seen from afar. “

When Wim Koetsier and I arrived a little later, Dr. Balcomb invited Hugo and the two of us to join the crowd on the walk to the beach along the given track. We felt we participated in the pilgrimage. Interestingly, the light festival had the name “Light House Tour”.

The fact that this scene – a sea of people, radiating light in and around Glory House – occurred on the very moment of the arrival of the continental director appeared to us as a sign, a token from heaven. Two days later, Dr Balcomb expressed he felt strongly that through the light festival God expressed His hope and expectation that soon the people of the nation as well as Europe as a whole, would come to the Temple, which is True Parents, in large numbers.

It was an encouragement from Heaven; at the same time a call to action.

Dr. Balcomb’s main purpose in coming; to convey to us the heart and will of our True Mother

Key point for Dr. Balcomb’s coming was to help us understand the heart of True Mother and to encourage us to improve communications with her. When we have a good connection to True Mother heavenly blessings can flow. Dr. Balcomb encouraged us to feel closely connected to True Mother, to watch her speeches, listen to her guidance, communicate with her, report to her often. Dr. Balcomb himself reports to True Mother twice a day. True Mother is really our mother. She wants to hear from us, the children, and is interested in our lives and our struggles and goals. We even need to report before things happen – like when a child leaves home he should report to the parents about what he is going to do. This was a key point Dr. Balcomb was sharing at the various sessions.

True Mother loves us and wants to encourage us. Also, out of that love she wants us to change, for our own sake. Dr. Balcomb invested all his efforts in order to convey that heart to us. Even when speaking harsh words sometimes, he was expressing the heart of True Mother that is full of concern for each of us.

To bring us closer to True Mother was also the main theme of his sermon during the national Sunday service in Utrecht. He covered many issues, showing there is a real opportunity for success while at the same time pointing out clearly the things we have to change and improve.

Please read the summary of unofficial notes of the sermon here below. We have also sent the video of Dr Balcomb’s sermon.

Main points from Dr. Balcomb’s speech to Dutch members in Utrecht. (Sunday November 26th 2017) “Let us be the bright shining lighthouses of the day”.

Today is a time of unique opportunity. True Mother had asked me why I had joined. I told her about a book I had read as a teenager, like a Science Fiction story. The earth was evolving around the sun and all was well, but at one point a dark star appeared and captured the earth, pulling it away from the sun, so that it started to evolve around that star.

Everything on earth became dark, froze and died. Only a few people survived who had a special way to preserve oxygen.

They spent years just surviving this way. Unexpectedly they came into contact with some other group of survivors who had good news. They had found out, that soon there would come a moment when the sun would come close to the earth. At that crucial moment there would be an opportunity for the earth to come back to the sun and to start evolving around the sun again. In this way all life, heat and light would be restored. That would be a moment of great hope.

I told True Mother I compared that moment to the day of the coming of True Parents. Satan (the “dark star”) had captured humankind away from God (the Sun) at the human fall. The “Last Days’, the time when the True Parents arrive, is the “once in millions of years”- opportunity for humankind to return to its proper origin, God. There was never, (and perhaps there will never be) a moment like that. The “Consummation of Human History”, therefore, is my favourite chapter. It shows we are living at an incredible moment in history. As human beings we have to seize that moment to make sure that humankind, through the True Parents can be connected to God again.

By connecting to True Mother, we can succeed, even though we are small in numbers.

We cannot succeed on our own power. If we connect to our True Mother, our efforts will be successful. This is the totally unique opportunity in history.

Communication is the key. We need to communicate well with our True Mother; also, we need to work well together in teams. Leaders shouldn’t just work on their own and try to do everything. We are all invited to contribute our part.

Then it doesn’t matter that we are small in numbers. We must have absolute conviction that God can work through us, even though we are a small group of people. The Pilgrim Fathers who crossed over the Atlantic Ocean in the Mayflower were only 52 people with a vision, based on God. (This was almost exactly the number of people gathered in the room during the sermon). Starting from them God could establish a new nation, the United States. It is the same with us. We can be the group of chosen ones, the foundation from which God can restore this nation.

Next, we need partners. We cannot do it on our own. We need to find the “John the Baptists”.

However; to succeed we also need others. We cannot do it alone. God has already prepared the people that can help restore the Netherlands. In

America, when we prepared the Madison Square Garden event, the idea arose to invite Gospel singers, to make a Gospel Festival. We found the person, Mr Curtiss Farrow, who could sign up thousands of people. He is the John the Baptist. God needs such a person. If this is the time that God wants to save the Netherlands, God must have prepared the John the Baptists. It is your job to find them. We need to find the John the Baptist(s) in our nation, who can be the channel to thousands or even millions of people.

We must be the bright shining light house of the day.

We are the light house keepers. But there is a catch. A light house can be seen only at night, but people feel as if they are living in the day. There are so many lights, but they are actually false lights. So how do we enable the people to see the light house? We can do it by making our light brighter than any other light. We need the inner conviction that our light is so big that we can be the bright shining light house of the day; we need to be confident to speak about God’s and True Parents’ work in this time. We must not be afraid to share. I want to ask you to speak to at least one person this week and share the fact that this is the time of great transformation, and that we need the person to make it succeed.

Now is the time to bring about national restoration.

National restoration is not a matter of external changes. National restoration is when people repent. It comes about when a country recognizes that it cannot do it alone and seeks the face of God, when it repents and accepts God’s light. As individuals all of us here had this transformation. A nation can change because a nation consists of people and people can change. We are all the kind of persons that can make it happen; the world can be restored quite quickly; that is what True Mother believes. We have to share – this is our responsibility – after that it is in God’s hands.

We need to act quickly.

Now is the time when True Mother is on Earth. We live in the Last Days when we need to see things from God’s perspective! Then real change can come. We should not lose this opportunity and should avoid going into an age of darkness. Now is the time when we can make miracles. We have to think big and in short term. We need to make goals for 2020; starting with a clear plan for 2018.

In the session after the Sunday service Dr Balcomb answered some questions from members. He asked for volunteers, especially 2nd gens, who would like to go to Dakar to prepare for the Africa Summit on Jan 18th to come; also he encouraged those who have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) to consider to sign up for an online UTS course in theology. Besides, Dr Balcomb is challenging us to fulfil short term goals until Foundation Day in January next year, such as holding a 430 Couples Blessing and reading through the whole Chambumo Gyeong. Finally, he encouraged us to develop the habit of regularly reporting to True Mother our activities in the Netherlands.

Additional points of guidance

In several smaller sessions Dr Balcomb gave interesting points of guidance. When he was in Glory House he paid special attention to the project of developing that place. Our brother Mr Derk van Dorsten, who is leading the Glory House project, gave an explanation about the project, especially about the management and business aspects. He included the history of Glory House, highlighting the visits that True Parents had brought. Dr Balcomb listened carefully, asked questions and gave advice. He made suggestions for developing Glory House as a business and at the same time as a place for spirituality and education, where people can come to visit and honour True Parents. Glory House could be one of the stations for a European sacred tour along Holy Places (places where True Parents have been and prayed). He gave some very practical advices such as the use of English (and perhaps Japanese) language. He spoke of upgrading the lighting in the rooms in Glory House, creating game facilities such as a ping pong table. He encouraged Mr Derk to continue with his business plan, and to develop it into a model.

On the final day, on Monday morning, Dr Balcomb delivered a PowerPoint presentation for 20 people in the Amsterdam HQ. In the presentation he gave guidelines for the vision, mission, goals and strategies to follow until 2020. He presented both general and specific guide lines. We will study this PowerPoint in our nation (as well as the video of Dr Balcomb giving the presentation) in the coming time. He asked us to make clear goals for 2018, even to fulfil objectives before Foundation Day next year.

Among the many points of guidance which Dr Balcomb gave us he mentioned why True Mother has a special concern for Europe. One reason is the many (Unification Church) missionaries which Europe has sent into the world. True Mother wants to know how they are doing. Several of them have left. The heartistic connection with True Parents is very important. True Mother had said, “I will not send you new people if you do not take care of the old members”. We need to find the ones that left. For this purpose, the “re-Member” project had been started. In our own nation we should do the same thing; find our old members who had left and if possible bring them back.

Also, Europe is enormously influential because of historical connections. Without the participation of Europe, it is very difficult to move the world. Just like the US Europe is a key continent.

When True Mother said that Europe is asleep it sounded not so nice for us.

Sometimes True Mother speaks harsh words. However, when True Mother says, “Europe is sleeping” she is also reflecting on herself; she regrets not having been able yet to awake us.

Dr Balcomb emphasized the importance of the Holy Grounds in the nations. A few years ago, in America he had led a campaign to reinstall the Holy Grounds in all 50 states of the US. It was a strenuous campaign of travelling non-stop. Several phenomena occurred. Heartistic connections to ex-members were re- established. In our nation we need to take care of our Holy Grounds. By praying at the Holy Grounds and using our Holy Grounds we can bring back God’s Blessing and Heavenly Fortune to our nation.

At the end of his stay Dr Balcomb suggested to us to visit our national Holy Ground in Amsterdam. There he prayed together with us. He mentioned that every day True Mother is praying for the Netherlands, as for the other European nations.

We are deeply grateful to Dr Balcomb for visiting us, and for investing himself totally in order to connect us to the heart of Our True Mother. We will unite strongly with her and put every effort to become God’s lighthouses which shine brightly, showing people the way to True Parents even during the day.

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