Nepal: 120 Days Tong Il Moo- Do Training


By Santosh Kumar Paudel, FFWPU Nepal

Nepal Tong Il Moo-Do (The Unified Martial Arts) 120 days Training graduation ceremony was victoriously concluded in Kathmandu on December 19, 2017. The banquet place was overflowed by 405 people witnessed the graduation ceremony along with the Former Prime Minister H.E. Madhav Kumar Nepal, Current Minister for Youths and Sports Hon. Teju Lal Chaudhary along with 120 distinguished VIPs including Members of Parliament, Ambassadors for Peace, 6 interfaith and interreligious leaders, 12 College Principals and Schools Founders, Army Generals, Professors, Artist, Government Leaders, Media, social NGOs, various martial arts players from different martial arts club and blessed families.

For the first time in Nepal movement history the TIMD 120 Days Martial Arts Training and Peace Studies has created a great impact and a substantial foundation for Nepal crosses it’s critical and turning point. The workshop has amazingly transforms the energetic 75 young people with a life changing experience. In the beginning, it was unimaginable to handle the training with many challenges, difficulties, Satan’s invasion through sickness, 1 brother has an accident before the graduation ceremony while practicing their demonstration, he was one of the best, good brother fell from 25 feet cliff, lots of blood came out but fortunately because of everyone’s spiritual condition and prayers by the mothers and brothers and sisters he is now in recovering period. Luckily in the end with the grace of Heavenly Parent and True Parents all the participants victoriously overcame all physical and spiritual limitations. It is indeed a miracle that the continuity of the TIMD participants, local leaders great support, guidance from our International Educators, which serves as their strength and inspiration to keep going. With a tough training and long endurance laying a spiritual and physical foundation that gives them new life while making a condition every day Jeongsung from 5:00 o’clock in the morning until 11:00 o’clock in the evening.

During the visit of Dr. Yong, Dr. Seuk in Nepal along with the local leaders representing Beloved True Parents, we are fortunate having a courtesy visit in one day with the 3 Former Head of the State and conveyed True Mothers’ message of love and her best wishes of congratulations for their newly elected in recent election . In the same token the 3 Former Head of the States responded gratefully and send their greetings to True Mother and wishes her well being and great health to carry on her mission for world peace and the global providence.

Dr. Chung Sik Yong Group Chairman, Asia Pacific Region FFWPU and UPF initiated the 120 days TIMD training and brought the heavenly fortune. He encourages participants to become filial and loyal to  True Parents by practicing a sacrificial love, living for the sake of others. His heartistic guidance motivates them to control themselves from eating, sleeping and sexual desires. He also strongly advised the graduates that they should multiply and spread true parent’s word, be proud and proclaimed in the broad delight. He congratulated the graduates and reminded of being a loyal and filial piety to their nation.

The Martial Arts in Nepal Region was shaken when the Grand master and President of the World Tong Il Moo-Do Martial Arts Federation, Dr. Joon Jo Seuk. He emphasizes the great importance of maintaining purity and moral ethics in the prime youth, raising good children, unity between husband and wife, and create a contribution to the society, nation and world. He also congratulates all participants for successfully graduated the training.  The WTMF Vice President Master Takamitsu Hoshiko, who supports the participants to have a positive spirit and never give up until the end. While the WTMF President of Asia Dr. Venus Agustin congratulate all participants from zero to Hero/heroine, nothing to something individual that in the future will serve not only the nation of Nepal but to the world. In addition, Rev. Yoon Chan Wook Vice President for FFWPU Central Asia Continent also inspires everyone to become a peace-loving citizen and always be happy person. He also uplifts the spirit by giving them encouragement to fulfill their responsibility as they deploy in their mission field.

H.E. Madhav Kumar Nepal, Former Prime Minister, and Member of Parliament inaugurated the program and deliver a heart-touching message which is strike to bones of the attendees not only to the Martial Arts Trainees but also to the prominent audience. He appreciated the beautiful Korean culture of “pali pali” spirit, he testify that  this movement is not only playing martial arts but developing a sports which teaches playing skills and great fighting techniques but with discipline, good lifestyle physically, mentally, it is a substantial sports that should be practice become a peacemaker citizen in your own school, city, neighborhood and society. The interesting fact was that; Rt. Hon. Nepal speech is spiritually connected to that of Dr. Yong’s guidance during the HDH the spirit of “continuity” and Jeongseong and sincerity that moves heaven and create a happy environment where a healthy, loving and strong family can live. Similarly, the State Minister of Youth and sports Hon. Teju Lal Chaudhary witnessed the TIMD 120 closing ceremony, he gave a convincing message to participants to become a role model in the society to be a beacon of hope to the nation as future leader of the country. Hon. Teju Lal Chaudhary is the one who inaugurated the opening of 120 Day TIMD last August 2017. He was so responsive and supportive to us by staying from the beginning until the end of the program.

Hon. Ek NathDhakal, Former Minister Government of Nepal and President UPF Asia Pacific , gave remarkable remarks during his speech; on how to become a future leader and the pillar of the nation in the next generation. The 75 participants of 120 day TIMD performed an astonishing and magical demonstration that make the audience excited, loud, and gave a standing ovation for their wonderful performance. One of the practitioner representing the sister side gave her reflection Ms. Anjeela Gopali while sharing her testimony brought her own mother to tears of joy seeing her daughter with transformative experience  becoming better . She also said that the  “120 Day Martial Arts Training is not an easy task to complete and do nothing after the 4 months of training, what I have known and learnt is that, I need to receive blessing from True Parents what ever happen and in any cost: I’m not aiming a higher and black belt all I want now is self-transformation to witness my family, friends and to prove them wrong when I heard some negative thought from them.While representing the brother side, Mr. Dirkha Rokaya, It was my parents dream to make me a successful engineer that would be a patriot citizen, they invested money sell their land and properties for my studies but I brought my parents’ heart broken and made their dream unfulfilled and empty because I became influenced by bad vices smoking and drinking. Gratefully,as one of the graduates of the 120 days TIMD training I pledge to completely change my attitude, become responsible person to love my parents, become role model to the youth and determined to serve my whole life for world peace through TIMD.

Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, FFWPU Nepal National Leader and President of TIMD Nepal, concluded the program by expressing his heartfelt gratitude to everyone’s supports, hardwork and dedication which makes the program victorious.  He appreciates all the coordinator and staffs for mobilization especially the local leaders who have sent their participants to the training. Mr. Ananda Karki, the legendary singer of Nepal and one of a core ambassador for peace rejuvenate the program as he sang a famous song of Nepal which brought closer to the heart of participants. Which create a loving family atmosphere, excitedly very responsive environment which ignited the audience to sing and dance in the tune.

The TIMD 120 Day Martial training was started last August 2017 held at the National Training Center under the supervision of Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari’s couple. The NTC coordinators and staffs are working hard every day to properly accommodate and take care more than 100 youths and fulltime members in the center with very humble facilities.  The TIMD graduates are representatives from 7 State of Nepal that were design to return to their respective area or center to become core full-time staffs supporting HTM and witness more for the second batch of TIMD Training by February 2018.

In conclusion, Dr. Yong appreciated and thanking everyone’s hardwork, willingness to sacrifice and reminded us always the important thing is clear vision, good motivation and right attitude and mindset to have a positive spirit of continuity. Leaders became serious and motivated now to witness more for the next second batch of the 120 days TIMD training. It should be multiply and help increase regular membership in more cities and towns.

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